Tele N Premieres New Primetime Colombian Telenovelas

West Palm Beach, FL – December 3, 2018 – Tele N, the television network showcasing the best selection of classic Mexican movies, as well as the most popular telenovelas and series from around the world, celebrates the end of the year featuring the network premiere of two wildly successful Colombian telenovelas,Esmeraldas and 5 Viudas Sueltas.

Starting Dec. 5, weekdays at 9 p.m. EST, Tele N will feature Esmeraldas. The story of the Guerrero family, which relocates to the small town of Victoria hoping to escape from the violence of the inner city. However, the town of Victoria is not the safe haven they hoped for. The town’s emerald bonanza generates greed and violence. Soon after their arrival, Alejandro Guerrero faces his own personal battles, a quarrel with the region’s most powerful man, and the heartbreak of watching his children go against his principles. Directed by Luis Alberto Restrepo, Esmeraldas is a Caracol Internacional production starring Diego Vásquez, Nicolás Montero, Laura León, Nicole Santamaría and Gustavo Angarita Jr. Tele N will air all 62 episodes; the final episode is scheduled to premiere on Feb. 28.

To wrap up the year, starting December 26, weekdays at 8 p.m. EST, Tele N will present 5 Viudas Sueltas. The story of Virginia, Samantha, Marianela, Yidis and Luisa, five women who share nothing in common except one thing: every Sunday they see each other while visiting their men at the penitentiary. With their partners in prison, all five women are now free to do as they please without being controlled by any man. Directed by Ricardo Coral and Luis Restrepo, 5 Viudas Sueltas is a Caracol Internacional production starring Coraima Torres, Heydi Bermúdez, Luly Bossa, Angélica Blandón and Andrea Gómez. Tele N will air all 124 episodes; the final episode is scheduled to premiere on May 16.

“We pride ourselves on offering the very best in Spanish-language entertainment, which is why we are excited to announce these new additions to our primetime programming,” stated Jesús Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat. “Both telenovelas feature incredible performances and portray passionate stories brimming with twists and turns.”

Tele N is owned and operated by Olympusat, Inc., and it’s currently available nationwide on most cable providers and VEMOX™.

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