Tele N Premieres Libres Como El Viento and features a posthumous tribute to Rene Cardona

West Palm Beach, FL – May 23, 2017 – Tele N, the television network that showcases the best selection of classic Mexican movies, and the most popular telenovelas and series from around the world, announced the network premiere of Libres Como El Viento, a captivating Venezuelan telenovela starting Thursday, June 1st, weekdays at 9 p.m. EST.

Libres Como El Viento follows the story of Fabiola Azcárate, a young and beautiful woman who returns to her hometown after her father’s death. Upon her arrival, Fabiola must quickly adapt to her old life and figure out a way to come to terms with her siblings about what to do with their inheritance. Meanwhile, she finds that Miguel Ángel, her first love, hasn’t forgotten her and was anxiously awaiting her return. Starring Laura Chimaras y Jonathan Montenegro, Libres Como El Viento is a RCTV production directed by Vicente Albarracín. Tele N will feature all 118 episodes (60 minutes). The final episode is scheduled to premiere on Monday, November 13th.

Libres Como El Viento enjoyed great popularity in Latin America. Its well-written script and the work put on by its cast and production team gained multiple recognitions,” stated Jesús Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat.

In addition, Tele N will feature a posthumous tribute to Cuban filmmaker, actor, screenwriter and producer René Cardona, one of the most acclaimed figures of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Every Saturday throughout the month at 7p.m. EST, Tele N will showcase two of René Cardona’s most successful and renowned films.

“Undoubtedly, René Cardona is responsible for multiple classics. He was an outstanding filmmaker, a key figure to Latin American cinema,” added Piñango. “To celebrate his lifework, we have put together a collection of some of his most iconic films.”

The eight titles airing during the special homage are: Mujeres de Teatro (6/3/17), El Pequeño Robin Hood (6/3/17), Puerto de Tentación (6/10/17), De Ranchero a Empresario (6/10/17), Pancho López (6/17/17), La Mujeres Panteras (6/17/17), Santo en La Venganza de la Momia (6/24/17) and Las Lobas Del Ring (6/24/17).

Tele N is owned and operated by Olympusat, Inc., and it’s currently available nationwide on most cable providers and VEMOX™.

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