Tally Technologies Add TimeSync to TallyTec Pro System

Tally Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of TimeSync to the TallyTec Pro system, enabling users to easily synchronise multiple cameras and external recorders, either wirelessly or wired, with timecode generated from the TallyTec Base Transmitter.

TimeSync is a huge time-saver for anyone involved with multi-cam recordings, from DSLRs and camcorders to high-end broadcast cameras.

Many external field recorders, for example the Atomos Shogun and Convergent Design 7Q+, also feature timecode input as standard, making it a simple task to connect a TallyTec Pro Receiver.

The ability to provide timecode to cameras and external recorders, either wirelessly or wired, means a multi-cam shoot can be extremely flexible, mixing high-end professional cameras and HDMI cameras equipped with external recorders, in the certain knowledge that all material shot is in sync and ready for post-production.

The TallyTec Base Transmitter can be set to run Time of Day, or manually configured to Record Run.  It sends out a signal to frame accurately synchronise all Wireless Pro Receivers attached to cameras or external recorders. Up to sixteen cameras/recorders can be synchronised with the TallyTec Base Transmitter.

The Transmitter and Receivers are synchronised every 25 frames; in the event that a Receiver loses signal from the Base Transmitter, it will continue to run clocked timecode to ensure that the attached device is always in sync.  Once the signal is re-established, the Receiver will re-synchronise with the Base Transmitter timecode.

TallyTec's Wireless Pro Receivers have a 2km line of sight range from the Base Transmitter, allowing camera operators to work some distance apart, yet still maintain fully synchronised recording. Batteries and media in camera and recording equipment can be swapped on the fly without losing sync, thanks to the long-life battery run time of the Pro Receiver.

Initially TimeSync will support PAL at 25fps. Support for 24fps, 29.9fps, 30fps and 50/60 frames will be provided through a future software update, along with the ability to sync to external timecode, or house reference.

TimeSync is a great new addition to the innovative TallyTec Pro system, which enables tally program (live) and preview information to be visually displayed on receivers attached to cameras.

TimeSync is available now, and is included as standard in all Tally Technology version 2 Base Transmitters and Pro Receivers.

The TallyTec Pro system can be seen on the Global Distribution stand K30 at BVE 2016, 23-25 February, London Excel. For a demo and further information, please contact your local authorised dealer or Global Distribution – the authorised distributor for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

About Tally Technologies
Tally Technologies design and manufacture innovative wireless and wired peripherals controlled by a scalable base system that can be easily integrated into any existing or new production environment.  Our solutions augment camera systems to provide vital information to camera operators to improve the production of all types of programming.

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