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Taking AV to the edge: Fullwhite® debuts at InfoComm 2015

Designed for architecturally aesthetic installations

Making its North American debut at InfoComm 2015, the unique modular construction of AV Stumpfl Fullwhite® video projection screens offers the ultimate in installation flexibility. Fullwhite will be demonstrated on the AV Stumpfl booth 3459 at InfoComm 2015.

“Fullwhite is designed with architects and designers in mind,” enthuses Tobias Stumpfl, Commercial Director at AV Stumpfl. “The sleek, robust design and functionality of Fullwhite far exceeds competing products in the market.”

Synchronised by design

Made from special aluminium alloy, the frame construction features 45-degree angle on the outer edge. Designed for use in rugged environments, frame parts are connected together using a special expansion clamp connector that automatically aligns profile parts and brings frame edges together in perfect synchronicity.

Discreet design creates unique viewing experiences

Because the screen uses a 45-degree angle frame, its interior structure is completely hidden. If a screen is flown in and out in front of an audience, they will experience a true seamless picture. New set up tools include foldaway legs to hold the projection screen frame in position above the floor.

Story first, technology second

Fullwhite fits seamlessly into modern architecture and projection set ups and allows designers to tell their story effectively. Thanks to the special frame design, projection surfaces can be used in interesting and compelling ways. Multiple Fullwhite projection screens can be connected together to form cubes or other structures including real-time tracked and moving projection surfaces.

With its securing mechanism, Fullwhite meets all security and international fire standards including DIN 4102 B1.

Fullwhite is used in a variety of applications ranging from corporate events and visitor and attractions. Creative Visions in Raleigh, NC recently used Fullwhite supplied in a stage set array measuring 115-feet wide with surrounding 10 Fullwhite screens.

© Creative Visions

For the Monastery of Montserrat, Pi Technology, Spain took advantage of Fullwhite seamless projection surface to take visitors in a journey into the mountain, history and its life. ©2015

The largest Fullwhite screen installed in the Benelux can be found at AED Studios in Lint, Belgium. The Barco Virtual World studio uses a 90 meter long Fullwhite screen in 360° configuration to create a unique full HD virtual experience.

© AED Studios, one of the biggest media centres in Europe.