Take 1 is awarded DPP Committed to Security marks

CRANBROOK, KENT — September 10, 2018 – Broadcast metadata and transcription specialist, Take 1, has received the DPP Committed to Security marks for both production and broadcast environments. The company is one of 29 industry providers to have been awarded the security marks to date.

The DPP’s Committed to Security programme launched in October 2017. It aims to standardise industry practice in implementing security measures and enable companies to show that they have a structured approach to address cybersecurity. The programme was designed with the input of DPP Member broadcaster and supplier security experts and the support of independent test and assurance specialists, Eurofins Digital Testing, who provide administrative and audit services for the programme.

In July 2018 the DPP hosted a security briefing in collaboration with the National CyberSecurity Centre (NCSC) which featured an announcement from ITV and Channel 4 stating that all suppliers and vendors delivering content or services to either broadcaster must have received the Committed to Security mark by January and July of 2019 respectively.

“IP workflows and OTT distribution have revolutionised content production and distribution, but they have also increased the need for stringent security practices.” said Take 1’s Technology Director, Jimmy Lambert Knott. “Data security was one of the driving factors behind our development of the Liberty platform and is at the heart of our product and workflow design. As long-standing DPP Members and regular suppliers to both Channel 4 and ITV, we wanted to demonstrate our genuine commitment to secure practices by earning the Committed to Security marks well in advance of the broadcasters’ deadlines.”

"We're delighted that Take 1 has been awarded the DPP's Committed to Security marks for both Broadcast and Production," said DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. "They are part of a rapidly growing community of companies who hold the DPP Security mark(s). It demonstrates Take 1’s clear commitment to cybersecurity best practice, and to playing their part in building a more secure media supply chain."

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About Take 1

Take 1 makes video easier to find, edit and localise by unlocking the power of words. The company specialises in transcription metadata and provides transcripts, captions, translations and post-production scripts to production companies, studios, localisation vendors and networks across the globe. Take 1 has a heritage of 20 years in the broadcast industry and a reputation for providing fast, reliable services and unrivalled accuracy.