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Amsterdam, IBC2017 - Take 1, a global leader in timed-text and transcription services, has launched an English Templating service to support media and entertainment clients with localisation requirements and enable them to quickly and accurately localise content. The new service will leverage Liberty, a proprietary platform which has been designed by Take 1 to extract data and deliver high quality templates at scale.

An English Template is the master subtitling file which is used for all languaging and translation purposes. A high-quality English template is a critical part of the localisation process and is the blueprint which supports languaging across multiple regions.

Dom Bourne, founder of Take 1 explains, “With localisation windows shrinking, the timely arrival of a master subtitling file is critical. We have developed the English Template product using our Liberty platform, which extracts content data and helps broadcasters to leverage this data into localisation workflows. English Templating is a key component of this process, when you consider that media files are being translated into multiple languages and distributed globally. A highly accurate English subtitling file means you don’t get 24 sets of problems further upstream during translation. If this can be developed at the content creation end of the supply chain, alongside transcript delivery, it can offer significant efficiencies further upstream.”

Take 1 has been operating globally for 20 years, and has a strong reputation in the TV/Media sector, delivering pre-edit scripts and post production scripts to a broad range of global networks such as NBC, Al Jazeera, National Geographic Channel, ITV America and Discovery.

Liberty is a powerful software that provides operational efficiencies by delivering rich transcription data to support editing, localisation, compliance and asset management needs to the production and broadcast community. Liberty also aids content search and discovery optimisation.  It is a proprietary and secure platform built with integration in mind. Once linked to a network’s media asset management system it can support asset storage and full text search.

Take 1 will be showcasing Liberty in the IABM Lounge in Hall 4 at IBC from 15 to 19 September, 2017. To book a demo and learn more about the platform, contact Claire Brown at


The Take 1 brand is synonymous with speed, accuracy and reliability, and the company is trusted and preferred by many of the world’s top TV production companies, studios and networks, for transcription of unedited content, post production scripts, translation services, subtitles and closed captions. 

The Take 1 team uses its deep understanding of broadcast technologies and file-based workflows to continually improve its sophisticated internal system and constantly evolve its solutions in order to meet changing industry needs.

Take 1 has global headquarters in Kent, UK, with offices in Santiago and Los Angeles.  For more information, please visit our website at

For more information, please contact:

Clare Plaisted/Sally Reid

Plaisted Reid Communications

+44 (0)7739 920287/+1 703 300 3054