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Stringr Announces New Partnership with The Associated Press

New YorkStringr, a video marketplace that connects videographers with organizations looking for real-time, high-quality curated video content, today announced a new collaboration with The Associated Press (AP).  This alliance will provide AP’s news platform, AP Video Hub, as well as the news cooperative’s internal editorial teams, with access to video content from Stringr’s network of more than 18,000 videographers in every media market in the United States.

“The AP sets the standard for sourcing relevant editorial information. This collaboration plays an important role in Stringr’s continued expansion to make our high-quality content available to as many outlets as possible,” said Lindsay Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Stringr. “Stringr has the ability to get video to go along with the AP’s current offering—whether it’s a big story in a major city or a local one in a small town.  We are looking forward to this long-term relationship in not only feeding select content to the hub for resale, but also meeting specific video needs they are seeking to offer well-rounded, quality news to their own customers on all of their media platforms.”

“By combining Stringr’s innovative marketplace model with AP’s own broad and effective coverage in the U.S., we are able to provide more of the stories that matter both regionally and internationally,” said Paul Shanley, director of development and partnerships at AP.

For more information, please visit Stringr’s website.

About Stringr:

Stringr is the premier marketplace that allows media organizations to buy video footage from both amateur and professional videographers. Media organizations need only login, and either download a video already in the database or make a request and get video back in under an hour. Freelance and professional videographers upload their footage to be purchased by media organizations, making obtaining footage an efficient, streamlined process. The platform has a growing list of over 18,000 contributing videographers located in every DMA in the United States.  The company, founded in San Francisco by two Wharton graduates with more than 10 years of experience working in technology and journalism, is headquartered in New York.  For more information, visit