MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – A Solid State Logic C10 Compact Digital Broadcast Console has been installed in the facility of Canada’s popular retail broadcasting giant The Shopping Channel (TSC) to aid the station’s switch to fully-HD production. It is the power, ease-of-use, advanced production assistant software and reliability of the C10 that are most useful to the station’s audio team.

TSC is using the console for all of its weekly HD productions, including two reoccurring shows – Destination Style and TGIM. “Now that we’ve completed the move into all HD production, the C10 fits perfectly in our equipment mix,” says John DeHaas, Director of On-air Operations for The Shopping Channel. “We chose the C10 because of its rich feature set to fit our needs. This includes the SSL Production Assistants, which streamline our production operations and options. The Dialogue Automix software, in particular, has been extremely helpful in managing daily multi-mic situations as our engineers can now focus on producing a high-quality mix, rather than chasing faders.”
The Shopping Channel facility consists of two main television studios that house the sets for the programming: Studio A at 4200 sq. ft. and Studio B at 4600 sq. ft., both serviced by the SSL C10 in its new 350 sq. ft. HD Control Room 1. The station also relies on the console’s C-Play integrated spot and music playout system and Eyeconix channel displays to help sort out quick changeovers.

“We use the C-Play package to easily drop in necessary audio segments,” explains DeHass. “This fantastic feature has greatly simplified our workflow, affording us more time to focus on other production matters. Our goal is to provide a unique, dynamic and engaging shopping experience for our customers. The C10 helps bring this goal into reality through its Production Assistant software options and simple visual graphics or pictures on the Eyeconix channel display.”
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