SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Production to debut at Streaming Media West

Waterloo, ON, Canada,Oct 29, 2019 – SSIMPLUS® VOD Monitor Production, the cloud-based tool that uses the power of the human visual system to enable streaming providers to optimize video quality over any distribution system, will make its public debut at Streaming Media West Nov. 19-20 in Los Angeles.

SSIMWAVE® (Booth 27) will show how SSIMPLUS VOD Production allows streaming services, MVPDs and content studios to fine-tune video quality to satisfy multiple business and audience needs, including content source validation and workflows, quality assurance, and vendor evaluations. In addition, SSIMWAVE will show its unique capability to inspect Dolby Vision™ enabled content for file-based streaming environments, allowing media companies to quickly identify and resolve quality issues in VOD workflows, and will feature “Stop Bad Video In Its Tracks,” a Discovery Track session on how providers can optimize storage and transmission costs while ensuring video quality thresholds.

The SSIMPLUS Emmy Award-winning algorithm combines the simplicity of a 0-100 Viewer Score measuring Quality of Experience with SSIMPLUS’ software breakthroughs that mimic the human visual system. VOD supply chain managers can use the score to quickly set quality thresholds at multiple points in the delivery system, enabling:

● Source optimization for content and advertising;

● Rejection of videos that do not meet desired Pass/Fail thresholds;

● Objective benchmarking of content workflows, including legacy architectures, satellite and new D2C systems;

● Service level assurance for confirmation of video quality; and

● Objective comparison of equipment and software performance across multiple vendors.

“Video assets and distribution systems are not created equal, so streaming providers and other distributors need objective tools to ensure efficiency of delivery and ultimately customer satisfaction,” said Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO and co-founder of SSIMWAVE. “SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Production divides assets into Pass/Fail buckets, based on pre-established Viewer Score threshold levels. Assets that Pass proceed down the delivery chain to the viewer while Fails can be further investigated using a separate lab tool, SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector. When used together, SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Production and Inspector enable unparalleled management of video delivery quality, from network configurations up to the end device.”

SSIMWAVE also will show how VOD Monitor Inspector provides full-reference SSIMPLUS Viewer Scores of Dolby Vision source and output files. VOD Monitor Inspector helps customers take control of HDR quality by allowing them to know exactly what viewers will experience on any screen, using frame-by-frame and pixel-by-pixel scores. SSIMWAVE monitors the quality of Dolby Vision content across the distribution ecosystem, enabling media companies to quickly identify and resolve quality issues in VOD workflows.

In addition, Rehman will present “Stop Bad Video In Its Tracks” at 10:30am on Tuesday, Nov 19th on the Discovery Track stage. The presentation will highlight how providers can “gate and switch” content, both by rejecting unacceptable video quality and by aligning encoding routes and quality needs to optimize efficiency and achieve consumer satisfaction for each piece of content.

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