Spincast Reaches Revenue Producing Milestone

Spincast announced today it is has now joined the ranks of revenue generating organizations. Once told by a group of local investors at a “pitch” conference they could never see the proliferation of “apps” as a venue for professional content on smart-TV’s, Spincast’s IP and SPAADE™ technology are now beginning to see increasing interest from advertisers, broadcasters and content producers alike. Mario L. Castellanos, CEO and Co-Founder of Spincast said, “We are extremely excited to have reached this milestone and we’ve done it with only a few titles on air. We have over ten thousand more waiting to go up with a goal of becoming the destination for broadcast stations, particularly the independent ones with limited viewership as well as professional, quality produced original content from around the world”. He added, “We intend to end fragmentation and as we have been saying, bring the world, to the world. Revenue, a growing audience and increasing content validates we are on the right track to become the leader in this space”.

Added Daniel Thompson, CTO and Co-Founder of Spincast, “I stood in front of a group of investors back in 2012 and told them the future of television was apps, but they didn’t believe me. Tim Cook didn’t say it until three years later. And this was the first of many, larger companies who have since followed our lead!”

Spincast’s value proposition is to be the go-to destination for broadcast quality independent and locally produced content curated from around the world, in addition to creating the world’s largest catalog of already proven content, searchable and located in one place from a TV remote and mobile device within seconds. SPAADE™ Spincast’s “Addressable Advertising Delivery Technology Engine”, allows Spincast TV to deliver a unique set of actionable sponsored ads to any video platform, location, and viewer, in real-time based on that viewer’s unique affinity, daypart (dividing the broadcast day into several parts), geographic, or demographic attributes at the time the ad is to be viewed. Sponsors using SPAADE™ can deliver their video for traditional television commercial spots in real-time across Spincast’s entire inventory of on-demand  programming and live linear feed viewable in any venue, based on the viewer characteristics they choose. This is ideal for traditional sponsored television ad campaign objectives such as brand awareness, local awareness, and event promotion. In other words, two separate yet nearby individuals watching the same program could receive completely different advertising based on their specific likes.

SPAADE™ television ad campaigns coupled with PoP or “point-of-purchase” capability, can also include calls to action on mobile devices These are ideal for driving online sales, travel bookings, lead generation, website traffic, and app installs that are especially valuable to direct marketers as well.

About Spincast
Spincast TV
is the future of television broadcasting, delivered today, on all of the devices audiences love to use and watch. The Spincast TV network is viewable through an app on your favorite mobile devices and streaming boxes. Spincast continues to expand its hybrid, non-subscription based Network in anApp™ with more award winning movies, more series, more sporting events and more entertainment from across the world. Founded in October of 2015 and soft launched in July 2016, Spincast is attracting the attention from professional content providers, distributors and aggregators with a wide variety of genre. Spincast… bringing the world, to the world.

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