Spincast To Carry Comedy Series “The Wallet”

Orlando, Florida, USA and Seattle, Washington, July 2017 – Spincast TV adds “The Wallet", a different new comedy series by Mark F. Martino and Splashtastic Productions

“The Wallet" comedy series is a bunch of fun financial fantasies, but not the kind where people win lotteries or inherit insane amounts of money. Instead, the wallet gives each a fighting chance as they work to make their dream real.  Like Gina, star of the pilot episode, who struggles to start her meatball business, gets turned down for a business loan again, then finds the empty wallet. She soon discovers that when she sees something she wants, exactly enough money for it appears in the wallet. The fun comes as she discovers in oh-so-many painful ways that wallet only works when it thinks she needs what she wants.

Mark F. Martino, President at Splashtastic Productions, when asked what inspired “The Wallet”, stated “Hope is the driving emotion of "The Wallet." The idea came during a road trip from Milwaukee to San Jose. Somewhere in Nebraska, my buddy and I got into talking about jobs and money. He said all he wanted was a magic wallet. One that was always empty. At the end of that car trip I went from working in commercial art to drafting and electrical engineering. That got me into software, computer graphics, and then into computer games. While programming scenes for "Leisure Suit Larry," I wrote a backstory for a game. I turned the backstory into a novel and then into my first screenplay. Been doing it ever since.”

Mario L. Castellanos, CEO of Spincast, Inc. added, “The whole premise of Spincast is to bring, new and original programming to viewers worldwide. “The Wallet”, a very funny new take on the Jeanie in a bottle theme, exactly fits this description.” He added, “Mark Martino has created a great series that appeals to the dreamer in all of us. Who doesn’t fantasize about having all their problems swept away but as each episode shows us, we can’t control our dreams can we”.

About Splashtastic Productions
Splashtastic Productions
was formed to make "Waterslide," a family comedy set in a water park. Since then its mission has broadened. We make comedies about quirky characters in odd situations. Often it's a gal, a guy, and a gadget. But there's always hope.

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