‘A Sound Effect’ Gives Away Over One Thousand Sound Effects

Copenhagen, Denmark, December 5th, 2016A Sound Effect, the community-based, sound effects online marketplace, is giving over one thousand high quality sound effects away as an early Christmas present to content creators.

Featuring sounds from independent sound effects creators such as Antisample, Digital Rain Lab and Soundbits, the free sound effects pack weighs in at more than 2 GB (1,044 individual elements for 1+ hour of sounds). The pack features everything from futuristic sci-fi elements, interface noises and powerful impacts, to horror ambiences, everyday sounds and cinematic trailer whooshes.

“2016 has been the strongest year ever for A Sound Effect and independent sound effects, both in terms of growth and the quality of sounds available, so a free giveaway was an excellent opportunity for us to say thank you for making this a banner year, celebrate the holidays and offer a taste of our library at the same time,” said Asbjoern Andersen, founder and chief curator of A Sound Effect.

To take advantage, editors need only sign up to the A Sound Effect newsletter to gain access (can be unsubscribed at any time). URL for the free SFX giveaway: http://www.asoundeffect.com/1000-free-sound-effects/

A Sound Effect is home to a massive, curated collection of sound effects, created by the best sound designers and recordists in the world. The unique collections at A Sound Effect offer a focused alternative to conventional, cover-it-all sound libraries allowing editors to buy smaller, targeted libraries, as they need them.

Always evolving and expanding, A Sound Effect covers everything that makes a noise – from animals, creatures, human sounds and Foley, to destruction and impact, weapons, and ambiences from all over the world, as well as modern transportation and manufacturing sounds like Tesla electric cars and 3D printers. An online resource for anyone creating content, A Sound Effect serves as a marketplace for the independent sound community to buy and sell specialized libraries featuring unique and targeted sounds affordably and efficiently.