ShortsHD Launches Campaign to Create Conversation About Diversity in Television & Film

ShortsHD, the largest TV network dedicated to short movies and producers of the annual theatrical release of Oscar Nominated Short Films (currently in theatres), today announced the launch of “Voices,” an initiative aimed at improving access to diverse voices and viewpoints in TV and film.

“Voices,” which launched today, will feature short interviews with a wide variety of TV and movie executives, entertainment professionals and ambitious young filmmakers about the importance of diversity and creating opportunity in today’s multi-platform TV and movie landscape. The network will also launch a series of digital stations focused on a wide array of voices and viewpoints.

The ‘Voices” segments will air on the ShortsHD TV network and be seen across social platforms with the goal of driving conversations, encouraging participation in the short-movie industry and showcasing the many voices already present in short film, the most diverse genre of movie entertainment.

ShortsHD will be present at many events in the Academy Awards season to gather commentary from the broader creative community on issues of diversity. Network executives aim to use the filming process as a powerful way to foster conversation about often touchy subjects.

“Diversity in filmmaking, television and awards ceremonies all begin with emerging talent getting onto the playing field, and short film is the traditional springboard,” said Carter Pilcher, founder of ShortsHD. “But let’s be clear, this isn’t simply to celebrate diversity, it’s to embrace an underserved market of talented creatives. There’s a large pool of minority producers, directors and actors out there ready to assume their roles as the innovative storytellers of tomorrow.”   

For more than a decade, ShortsHD has brought the Oscar Nominated Short Films to audiences across the globe, giving the organization the unique ability to bring its Diversity Campaign to this year’s Oscars.

“The talent behind the Oscar-nominated short films — the directors, producers and those on either side of the camera — are among the youngest, most diverse men and women of differing nationalities nominated for an Academy Award," said Pilcher. "We’re thrilled to help them bring their unique perspectives into the broader conversation.”

“Short films allow you to express yourself in a way that you don’t need to compromise,” said director Henry Hughes, whose ‘Day One,’ is nominated for this year’s live-action short film Oscar. “In the short medium, you get to really have this free for all, somewhat untethered creativity.”

Short films are a prominent part of cultures around the world, connecting people through relatable stories and characters no matter what the barriers.

"Whether it’s the stories they are telling in a short time span, the characters seen on screen, or the creators themselves who develop and shape these films, the world of short films is just incredibly diverse. And, at a time when a good deal of attention is rightly being paid to diversity within the film and television industry, these movies are a great reflection of what diverse storytelling can achieve," said John Gibson, advisor for diversity and multicultural outreach at the Motion Picture Association of America. 

“In international markets, there is a reliance on short-film production as a key opening for emerging talent,” said Pilcher. “For decades, filmmakers in Latin America have relied on short films to further their craft, and it’s paying off.”

ShortsTV has launched two diversity- and culturally-specific ShortsTV NETWORKS, where short films from many cultures and genres can be accessed by people around the world, with more to follow.

“I believe this channel is so important for encouraging the opportunities of U.S.-based Latinos, and their involvement in filmmaking,” said SJ Main, director, producer and founder of the ‘Latino Film Fund.’

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