Old Lyme, CT, October 20, 2017 – Sennheiser, a leading provider of premium audio solutions for business, is proud to announce that it has been named a 2017 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winner by TMCnet (Technology Marketing Corporation), one of the most prominent industry news sources in the fields of unified communications and telephony. This award was given to Sennheiser for its innovative SC 660 TC model, a double-sided, high-performance wired headset designed for users in the workplace with special hearing needs.

Advanced Audiology to Enhance Hearing
More and more, modern businesses are aspiring to draw from a broad-based and inclusive pool of talent to build a superior workplace, cultivating a desirable range of talents and skill sets. Sennheiser created the SC 660 TC as part of its commitment to addressing issues in the modern workplace, delivering a premium double-sided wired headset for office professionals that use hearing aids. This unit incorporates the ingenuity and high-performance audio engineering that is typically incorporated into hearing assistance devices, leveraging that technology to accommodate office workers with special hearing needs.

The latest addition to Sennheiser’s high quality Century™ wired headset series, the SC 660 TC is compatible with all standard, telecoil-equipped hearing aids. This long-wearing, durable model brings the benefits of Sennheiser’s advanced unified communications headsets for businesses to these users, improving their communication experience and productivity. This in turn enhances the end-user’s customer engagement experience—a criteria of the TMCnet Contact Center Technology Award for excellence.

Industry Leading Features for Special Hearing Needs
Part of Sennheiser’s Century™ series headset, the 660 TC features Sennheiser’s industry-leading voice clarity and wideband sound, plus a high-performance noise-canceling microphone that delivers a superior and natural voice experience. Unlike traditional headsets with telecoil integration, the SC 660 TC is equipped with a hearing aid-compatible telecoil transmitter on each side of the headset, for a richer sound experience. The transmitters emit a magnetic field that is directly detected by the hearing aid, making it easy for users to focus on a conversation without background distractions.

Addressing Genuine Workplace Challenges
“We’re excited that TMCnet has acknowledged the SC 660 TC headset for its innovative contribution to the telecommunications networking workplace,” said Andreas Bach, president of Sennheiser Communications A/S. “Sennheiser is committed to observing real-world workplace challenges and devising ways that audio solutions can help resolve those issues. Our solutions can enhance productivity and elevate the performance of workers with varying needs in these sophisticated and sometimes taxing business environments. The SC 660 TC is a prime example of how technology can be leveraged to address specific obstacles that might denigrate performance in the typical workplace, providing the ability for workers to thrive despite unique hearing requirements.”

“Congratulations to Sennheiser for being awarded a 2017 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award. The SC 660 TC headset has been selected for demonstrating innovation, quality, and unique features which have had a positive impact on the customer experience,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “We’re pleased to recognize their achievement.”