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SDVI at the 2020 NAB Show

At the 2020 NAB Show, SDVI will showcase SDVI Rally, the award-winning cloud-native media supply chain platform that deploys all applications and infrastructure to create a dynamic, responsive media supply chain. At booth SU11707, the company will demonstrate new features and capabilities within Rally Gateway™ for content suppliers that streamlines operations, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and simplifies critical tasks. Visitors to the SDVI booth can also learn about how the company recently earned an Emmy® Award, given in recognition of pioneering work on cloud-based media supply chains.

SDVI Products at the 2020 NAB Show

Rally Gateway™: New Accurate Video integration
SDVI will showcase the integration of Accurate Video to the company's Rally Gateway™ product. Accurate Video provides comprehensive browse and edit capabilities within a browser interface, eliminating the need to shift to a separate edit suite to complete tasks. Users working within Rally Gateway can navigate time-based metadata and select multiple audio and caption tracks for preview, play, or review as they perform review and approval, QC, compliance, and simple edit operations.

Rally: New Interactive Supply Chain Visualization
With enhanced visualization of the supply chain, the Rally Media Supply Chain Management Platform provides better visibility into current state, history, and diagnostics while improving usability for operators. Throughout the 2020 NAB Show, SDVI will demonstrate how features such as interactive supply chain views further simplify visualization and troubleshooting as well as users' understanding of where content is in the supply chain.

SDVI News at the 2020 NAB Show

SDVI — Now SOC-2 Type 1 Compliant
SDVI has earned the distinction of being the first media supply chain provider certified by AICPA as meeting the most rigorous standard for SaaS companies' data security policies and procedures: independently audited and verified SOC-2 compliance. SOC certification plays an important role in vendor management, corporate governance and risk management processes, and regulatory oversight, and it is on its way to becoming an industry standard. SDVI is on track to receive the ongoing SOC-2 Type 2 certification in August 2020.

SDVI — An Emmy® Award Winner!
SDVI is the proud recipient of a 2019 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award. Along with Discovery, Fox NE&O (Walt Disney Television), Amazon Web Services, and Evertz, the company earned the Emmy Award for work in pioneering a public, cloud-based media supply chain for content ingest, management, and delivery. The award, which is being presented on April 19 at the 2020 NAB Show, recognizes the material impact of shifting television channel ingest, processing, creation, and distribution operations from the ground to the cloud — resulting in significant time and resource savings for broadcasters and new kinds of viewing experiences for consumers.

Company Quote:

"Adoption of modern supply chain management principles is critical to achieving business efficiency and agility when handling large volumes of content, and we look forward to demonstrating the power of this Emmy Award-winning approach at the 2020 NAB Show. The SDVI Rally platform is already used by the leading media organizations and has proven to be a game-changer for transitioning to manufacturing principles for the media they handle. We'll highlight the latest enhancements to the constantly evolving Rally platform that simplify supply chain visualization and dramatically improve operational efficiency."
— Simon Eldridge, Chief Product Officer

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Company Overview

About SDVI
SDVI Corporation was founded on the premise that there is a better way to run and optimize media facilities. Modern technical approaches can help, but this challenge is not entirely technical — it's also fundamentally commercial. SDVI brings supply chain thinking and modern technical approaches to the space, backed by decades of experience in the media and entertainment technology sectors. SDVI is a privately held company, based in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in the U.S. and Europe. Visit for more information.

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Accurate Video is now integrated into SDVI's Rally Gateway™.
The newly enhanced Rally™ Media Supply Chain Management Platform.