SDI Media Publishes White paper on the latest Dubbing Rights and Implications for Content Owners

Mark Howorth, CEO of SDI Media, said: “SDI Media supports content owners around the world and we want to make sure they are aware of the changing nature of localization rights and the rights of dubbing actors across different regions. Since content is distributed across different platforms and is available for streaming over a long period of time there are many different rules and each country is a little bit different. We encourage all content owners to read this white paper, examine their legal frameworks, and invite them to discuss with us how these may impact their content distribution strategies.”

The white paper was written SDI’s Manager of Business Affairs, Adebunmi Nsofor. She examines several dubbing territories including France, Japan, Hungary and Belgium. She explains the way that dubbing rights are affecting how studios are engaging with performers. It also examines recent legal directives of which all studios should be aware.

Change has come fast to the localization industry. The streaming era combined with the new copyright related laws coming into effect within the next 12 months means that talent unions will want to discuss how rights will work in the new world. Nsofor notes, “No one should assume that the rules of yesterday will still apply tomorrow. It is important for all parties to make sure the rights they think they are clearing are actually being cleared.”

SDI Media is encouraging all content owners to read the white paper and take a look at their legal frameworks, so they are prepared for changes in the near future.


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