RTW Announcing New Touchmonitor Firmware for TM7 and TM9

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 – RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, will release new firmware for its TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 devices. This update will include added features enhanced from previous versions of the firmware. (Stand 8.D89)

The new firmware for TM7 and TM9 will feature 12th octave RTA mode with 125 bands, a high resolution with bandpass filters. There will also be a higher resolution LF dedicated analyzer, as with previous versions of the firmware. Cinema loudness modes, TASA and SAWA are provided by the latest release, as well as asymmetrical and individual adjustable tolerance ranges for the loudness measurements. An additional numerical display will inform the user of the length of an integrated measurement. Improvements were made to enhance timecode, chart and histogram functions and recalculation mode for integrated loudness measures. Additionally, performance improvements have also been included.

“We are happy to provide updates to our firmware to heighten our user’s experience,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO of RTW. “This newly updated firmware accommodates customer needs, as well as strengthens our current products. RTW is strives bring positive enhancements to our products in order to better serve our clients.”
About RTW
RTW, from Cologne, is a leading vendor of highly innovative first-class meters for audio monitoring and quality control. For 50 years, RTW has designed, produced, and marketed pioneering systems for professional recording studios. Today, RTW runs an international sales and service network. Visit www.rtw.com or www.facebook.com/rtw.de for more information.