All Major U.S. Sports Leagues are Winners with RSG Media’s Rights Management Software

New York — Nov. 11, 2019 – RSG Media, a leading rights management media-tech firm, announced today that every major U.S. sports league is now live on its platform. This cements RSG Media as the leading rights platform in the $31 billion sports licensing market -- an industry that is expected to grow to $48 billion by 2024, according to Zion Market Research.

Historically brand licensing teams used a combination of non-specialized contract systems, inflexible ERP systems, and manual workarounds with spreadsheets and email. Those technologies and processes might have worked initially, but were not up to managing sales, contracts, finances, and accounts, as the business grew. Because RSG Media’s platform is designed for enterprise-scale customers, they now manage thousands of licensees globally, across hundreds of product categories, and thousands of individual products with ease.

Customers select RSG’s rights software because it gives them unique visibility into their markets, sales, and new opportunities, with detailed reporting and analytics. Finance and Accounting use the automated royalty calculations and processing to ensure quicker collections, and a faster, more accurate accounting close. The system also reduces the burden on Legal, reducing infringement and boosting compliance.

 “We are delighted that we can support every major U.S. sports league as they grow their consumer products licensing business,” said Mukesh Sehgal, CEO at RSG Media. “They understand that automation and insights are critical for scalability, and we are very happy that we are a trusted partner.”

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