Introducing Red Giant Complete Monthly

Last week, Red Giant announced it is now making it possible to get a monthly subscription to Red Giant Complete, a subscription service that gives editors, motion designers and VFX artists all Red Giant tools at one low price. Now for just $79/ month, subscribers will have access to Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Universe, VFX Suite and Shooter Suite. With Red Giant Complete, annual and monthly subscribers will have the most up-to-date versions of all tools, saving thousands of dollars over traditional perpetual licenses.

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In addition to now offering Red Giant Complete Monthly, the subscription is also now completely free for educational use. Students, teachers and faculty members can get access to every single tool Red Giant makes free of charge.

Learn more about Red Giant Complete Monthly and educational use here.

For the ultimate in savings, Red Giant Complete Annual is always your best bet - at $599 a year, this works out to be just $49.92 per month.

As always, Red Giant products are still available for purchase as perpetual licenses.

Red Giant Complete includes:

  • Trapcode Suite (reg. $999): The industry’s most essential tools for creating 3D motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe® After Effects®, now with the Dynamic Fluids™ physics engine.
  • Magic Bullet Suite (reg. $899): Widely-used for color correction, finishing and film looks, Magic Bullet Suite 13 gives editors and filmmakers everything needed to make footage look great, right on editing timelines.
  • Universe (reg. $199/year): Red Giant’s collection of over 80 GPU-accelerated plugins for editors and motion graphics artists.
  • VFX Suite (reg. $999): The all-new suite of keying, tracking, cleanup and visual effects compositing tools, all right inside Adobe After Effects.
  • Shooter Suite (reg. $399): Shooter Suite 13.0 is a set of purpose-built applications, including the industry-leading PluralEyes, that give directors of photography, videographers, shooters and filmmakers the ability to bring footage from set to post.

Total if purchased separately: $3,495

Red Giant Complete Annual: $599/YEAR, or $49.92/MONTH (Paid Annually)

Red Giant Complete Monthly: $79/MONTH

Red Giant Complete for Volume Customers

If you are a business buying five or more licenses, check out Red Giant’s Volume Program (, which includes additional business-focused features such as floating licenses, remote deployment, advanced support, training and more.


Red Giant Complete is made up of several different suites, each with its own set of tools and relative compatibility info. Every tool runs on Mac and Windows and is compatible with Adobe After Effects, while some of the tools also work in additional host-applications. Visit the Red Giant compatibility page to learn more about each product.

The Red Pledge

Red Pledge is Red Giant’s commitment to customer happiness, with no purchasing hassles. Learn about the Red Pledge guarantee at

Request a Red Giant Complete Media Review Kit

Members of the media are invited to review Red Giant Complete as well as any individual tools or product suites from Red Giant. For more information or to request a product review kit, please contact Alexis Isaacs at .

About Red Giant

Red Giant is a software company made up of talented artists and technologists who collaborate to create unique tools for filmmakers, editors, VFX artists, and motion designers. Our company culture is focused on finding balance between work and life – we call it “the double bottom line” – this philosophy helps us ignore complexity in favor of building simple tools that yield giant results. Over the last decade, our products (like Magic Bullet, Trapcode, Universe and PluralEyes) have become the standard in film and broadcast post-production. With over 250,000 users, it’s nearly impossible to watch 20 minutes of TV without seeing our software in use. From our experiences as artists and filmmakers, we aspire to not only provide tools for artists, but inspiration as well. Watch our films, learn from over 200 free tutorials, or try our software at