Red Giant Debuts Tutorial on How to Create a Forcefield

Portland, OR – April 2, 2020Red Giant has just released a quick and easy tutorial on creating a forcefield/watery surface effect. Now out on YouTube, Aharon Rabinowitz showcases his process of developing this effect using tools from Red Giant Complete. In just under 5-minutes, the tutorial shows viewers how to use a displacement map along with other tools to create a beautiful flowing, prismatic surface with refraction - all from the comfort and safety of one’s living room. Because it might be nice to shield oneself from work-at-home distractions using a forcefield, even if it's just by pretending to make one.

WATCH NOW: Forcefield Tutorial

To showcase the effect, Aharon starts off with some footage he shot of himself on his smartphone, waving his hands around in his living room. Working in After Effects, he pulls in plugins from Red Giant Complete to create particles emitting from his hands while adding various layers to enhance the effect. Aharon used Trapcode Particular to create the particles, then employed VFX Chromatic Displacement to add prismatic distortions.

The full set of tools used includes:

  • Trapcode Particular: Create organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more in After Effects. Now with Fluid Dynamics.
  • VFX Chromatic Displacement: Easily create beautiful prismatic displacement effects in After Effects or Premiere Pro

Free Trial

Want to follow along? You can download a free trial of Red Giant Complete and have access to fully functioning versions of all of our tools!

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