Raiffeisen Bank Deploys Riedel Media Network and Communications Gear for Massive Corporate Event

WUPPERTAL, Germany -- Nov. 24, 2015 -- When Switzerland's Raiffeisen Bank put on one of the country's largest corporate events of the year, it relied on Riedel Communications equipment and infrastructure including 5,000 meters of fiber cabling to support efficient, reliable, and flexible signal transport and communications. The weeklong Raiffeisen DialogPlus event brought 10,000 employees and board members to the 100,000-square-meter Messe Basel exhibition space for a landmark corporate meeting, as well as the production of a "lip dub" of unprecedented scale.

The DialogPlus deployment of Riedel Communications solutions included the MediorNet real-time media network and RockNet low-latency, real-time audio network. Built and maintained by a staff of eight Riedel engineers working on-site, the MediorNet network provided the managed central fiber-optic backbone necessary for secure, reliable, and flexible signal routing. Riedel also managed event control and coordination from the operations center, monitoring all communication channels (TETRA, telephone, and intercom) for coordination of technical maintenance, emergency services, and security, as well as to provide information to guests and service providers.

"The vision of a unified system for distributing video, audio, and control signals became reality for DialogPlus due to MediorNet," said Tobias Waldmeier, creative director at Bildflug GmbH, the company responsible for overall system integration for Raiffeisen DialogPlus. "The flexibility, security, and quality completely convinced everyone on site. I am sure the future of event technology looks like this."

Eighteen MediorNet frames and two MetroN core router systems supported transport of audio, video, and data signals, as well as a hybrid wired/wireless communications network established via the Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system -- one Artist 128 frame and three Artist 64 frames, complemented by 50 remote control panels -- and the company's Juggler system. A compact TETRA digital trunked radio network interface, the Juggler system enabled seamless integration of 250 Motorola radios with the Artist system. A wireless intercom system also was paired with the Artist system to support "newsroom" operations.

The MediorNet network enabled the routing of 29 3G video signals from Dataton WatchOut media servers in different zones of the exhibition space and the routing of nine HD video signals from various locations in the DialogPlus newsroom. To enable flexible audio routing, 56 signals from a Studer Vista audio console were fed into the MediorNet network via A-Link (a Studer protocol), processed by the Artist 128 frame, and then re-routed via MediorNet to various zones, where RockNet systems served as breakout boxes. Signals were leveled within each zone by a dedicated "correspondent" using an Artist control panel and then switched "on air" as part of the eventwide newscast. The MediorNet system also supported Ethernet-based signal transport for the production network.

"Raiffeisen DialogPlus was tremendously ambitious in both technical and practical terms, so it was essential that the event technology deployed provide a high degree of versatility and reliability," said Martin Céréda, project manager at Riedel Communications, Switzerland. "Riedel solutions are engineered for just this sort of demanding scenario. Backed by an experienced Riedel team working on-site at Messe Basel, they delivered the performance necessary to put on a creative and innovative corporate event."

Further information about Riedel and the company's products is available at www.riedel.net.

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