"PXTV renews its image: We are the first, We are unique, We are PX Sports"

With five years of experience and being the first and only extreme sports television channel in Latin America, PXTV evolves to PX Sports in order to have stronger impact on its current and new audience.

With this renovation, the rebrand of PX Sports seeks to expand its reach and generate innovative experiences through its new programming, focused on providing original and updated information, with all the style that characterizes the extreme community: facing fears, being different, inspiring and motivating through sports and the lifestyle that defines them.

"We decided to make the image transition, to be identified by our main objective: bring extreme sports to our audience. Currently our main viewers live in countries like Mexico, United States, Colombia, Costa Rica and Venezuela, but we are making efforts to expand our reach to more Latin American countries", commented the CEO Alejandro Mercado.

As a channel aimed at young Hispanics seeking to identify themselves with aspirational experiences, PX Sports will continue to improve coverage of the best national and international events focused on action sports, music and lifestyle. We will keep on offering the best contents that make us so unique and exceptional.

Explode your senses and break your fears through the adrenaline, passion and adventure that PX Sports brings to you.


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Jeff Pryor