Pronology Highlights Software Update at CCW 2014

Latest Software, Version 3, Further Streamlines Production Workflow

NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 11, 2014Pronology, a developer of cutting-edge tapeless workflow solutions, will showcase Pronology Version 3, a complete software update for Pronology’s digital media asset management (MAM) platform at CCW 2014 (Booth 759). Pronology Version 3 adds significant improvements to the way metadata can be automatically attached to assets that are imported or discovered in watch-folders.  

Pronology’s ProApp drives the “ingest” or “acquire” portion of the powerful tapeless workflow platform, offering users upfront logging and control of a production. Version 3 adds new and enhanced features that streamline workflow by “templatizing” ingest activities to give more robust and reliable metadata to all inbound assets. Now, all media can automatically “inherit” metadata based on user-defined rules, making organization, search and retrieval significantly more efficient for both small and large productions.

Version 3 manages recordings and file imports from the beginning of a production, allowing a creative team to map out critical metadata information about each incoming file rationally, even before the recording process has begun. This metadata follows each clip to the end of the production, yielding a level of organization and retrieval not possible in the past, especially with a tape-based system. This efficiency at the start of the production saves costly hours at the end.

“We designed the software from the ground up based on our own industry experience so that we can provide the most effective tools and solutions for professional media production,” says Mike Shore, co-founder of Pronology. “We are excited to attend CCW this year, as this show offers us the opportunity to exhibit our software to an audience that can benefit from our simple and straightforward technology.”

ProWeb is the web browser-based software component of the complete Pronology solution, which allows a remote creative team to “sit in” on a program to make real-time production decisions. ProWeb Version 3 is self-administering and requires no additional training on the part of the user base. The latest Pronology software also features updated file storage management and is hardware agnostic, giving it the ability to integrate seamlessly with systems from multiple industry-leading manufacturers simultaneously.

About Pronology

A joint venture between Playback Innovations and WheresMyMedia, Pronology’s Digital Asset Management solution simplifies the task of content creation and distribution for today’s tapeless workflows. Designed from the ground up by actual users, the tools have been built first and foremost for ease-of-use. Pronology allows a limitless number of users to simultaneously and remotely acquire, manage, approve, log, distribute, transcode and archive content. Its user-friendly interface and format-agnostic infrastructure offer a complete all-in-one solution, while also providing the flexibility necessary to accommodate a wide range of possible workflows. For more information, please contact us at 212-660-1600 / or visit us online at