Pro Sound Effects Announces The Odyssey Collection: Essentials

First exclusive sound library from the life's work of award-winning sound editors coming soon

Brooklyn, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today announced The Odyssey Collection: Essentials, the first exclusive library release from their partnership with award-winning audio post production veterans, Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. Coming in late September, Odyssey Essentials is a general library featuring over 16,000 sound effects curated from Mangini and Anderson's private collection of recordings encompassing over 30 years of feature film sound.

Unlike most general sound effects libraries, all sounds in Odyssey Essentialswere created to fulfill specific needs and challenges for over 250 feature films - all expertly captured with the resources of a Hollywood budget and commitment to sonic excellence. These sounds were crafted daily and painstakingly over decades-long careers working on blockbuster films like Edward Scissorhands, The Fifth Element, Aladdin, The Green Mile, and Anchorman. 

"Odyssey represents 30 years of passionate pursuit of something I love to do, for the sake of doing it. We recorded because we had to, not because we got paid to - the movie needed it and we did what was necessary," says Mark Mangini. "This library has been instrumental to our own success, and now the sounds can live on in the hands of the next generation of filmmakers and sound designers."

Pro Sound Effects has carefully selected over 16,000 raw sounds from the life's work of Mangini and Anderson - including most-needed categories like Ambiences, Foley, and Vehicles - all completely remastered, organized, cataloged, and ready to be put to use. Strengthen the foundation of your sound library with this indispensable asset created and used daily by two of Hollywood's finest sound editing luminaries.


Pricing & Availability

The Odyssey Collection: Essentials will be made available at an introductory price for a limited time in late September.

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