Portal A Launches New Series with The Gregory Brothers

The Gregory Brothers, YouTube’s favorite musical comedy group best known for their hugely popular “Songify the News” series, are taking fans on a musical journey around the globe in their all-new series Song Voyage. Created by award-winning digital content studio Portal A, in collaboration with The Gregory Brothers and distributed by Maker Studios, the series is a subversive comedy following the Brooklyn-based family band as they travel to far-off locales to collaborate with offbeat musicians at every stop. Today, all six episodes of the series premiered exclusively on The STATION by MAKER block on Sling TV, allowing fans to watch the entire journey at once. Beginning Wednesday, December 14, new episodes will become available every other week on both The Gregory Brothers YouTube and Facebook channels and The STATION by MAKER YouTube and Facebook channels.

Song Voyage is the latest step in Portal A’s emergence as an original content studio that creates shows for a new generation of viewers. Its first success came with White Collar Brawler, an original show around amateur boxing that debuted on the web before making the leap to Esquire’s TV channel, and running on television for multiple seasons. The company is currently in development on over a dozen projects with a range of premium distributors.

“From branded content to original shows, we pride ourselves in creating premium content for the digital age,” said Nate Houghteling, co-founder and executive producer at Portal A. “Song Voyage is the type of show that could only have been conceived online. It blurs the line between travel, comedy, and music in a way that makes it truly one-of-a-kind.”

Each episode of Song Voyage follows The Gregory Brothers to a new country – from Australia to Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam – the band learns about the culture by collaborating with local musicians who know it best. From training in the art of Mongolian throat singing, to undergoing a K-Pop makeover in South Korea, the band throws themselves headfirst into their new surroundings, facing unexpected obstacles and hilarious culture clash at every turn. At the end of every episode, the band debuts the fruit of their collaboration – a never-before-seen music video set to an original track. Additionally, original songs from the series will be also available for download on iTunes. 

“Last month we re-launched our comedy brand The STATION by MAKER, which has a channel on Sling TV and multiple social channels, and Song Voyage is a great addition to the brand’s offering,” said Kendra Johnson, head of distribution and strategic partnerships at Maker Studios. “We’ve had a long relationship with The Gregory Brothers, and love that we continue to work with them and Portal A on cool new projects.”