ROCKVILLE, MD and LONDON, UK (February 18, 2016) – Pixspan, Inc., the leading workflow technology company that solves the storage and bandwidth challenges of full-resolution images, has formed a strategic reseller partnership with XTFX Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of content creation solutions. XTFX will be the first systems integrator to offer Pixspan solutions in the UK, providing Pixspan with opportunities for further growth, expansion and customer support in a key global market.

XTFX is an Autodesk Gold Partner Reseller – the only Gold Partner in the UK for the complete portfolio of Autodesk Creative Finishing products. Under the agreement, XTFX will now offer Pixspan’s solutions as a part of Autodesk’s Flame® family of products, including Flame®, Lustre®, Flame® Assist, and Flare™.

The combination of Pixspan, XTFX and Autodesk brings content creators in the region the ability to save time and money with the ever-increasing storage and network costs related to mission critical visual effects workflows. Pixspan’s solutions have proven to result in cost and resource savings of up to 50-80%.

As file sizes keep growing across the marketplace due to higher resolutions and dynamic range, Pixspan offers software products for significant savings of speed, time and resources. For companies with mission critical needs for storage, network, and transmission of handling full-resolution imaging, Pixspan can greatly reduce the data burden and enhance productivity – without compromising image quality.

“We are pleased to work with Pixspan to offer this innovative solution,” said James Hamilton-Hislop, Managing Director of XTFX. “We are deeply experienced in providing the best post production solutions for our customers, and adding Pixspan helps us remain at the forefront of offering new and improved full-resolution solutions.”

“We are excited that XTFX, with its enduring reputation of providing high-end post production solutions to the media and commercial advertising markets, will be offering Pixspan’s products to their customers,” said Michael Rowny, CEO of Pixspan. “Following its introduction at IBC 2015, Pixspan’s integration with Autodesk will now be available across several continents. Because London has become the epicenter of so much creative content production, we are happy to have a leading partner who is at the apex of that innovative and expanding community.”

  About PixspanPixspan offers unique software products that reduce storage costs and increase transmission speeds of full-resolution media, medical, and surveillance imaging. Its software covers all bit depths and resolutions of EXR, DPX, TIFF, Cineon, and ARRIRaw, while remaining bit exact. Currently, Pixspan is the only company providing a solution that enables full-resolution workflows beginning from camera RAW to image processing, and through to final assets.

For more information, visit www.pixspan.com.

About XTFX

XTFX was set up in March 2004 to supply applications and hardware solutions within a framework of sales consultancy/support services to the broadcast/film and video post production industry. 

Visit www.xtfx.co.uk for more information.

Contact Pixspan: info@pixspan.com