Piksel Demonstrates Commitment to Content Security with Digital Production Partnership Accreditation

York, United Kingdom — Feb 7th 2018 — Piksel today announced that it has been awarded the Digital Production Partnership’s Committed to Security mark for both Broadcast and Production environments. The certification is based on adherence to a checklist of security technologies, testing and best practices, and is designed to prevent content from falling into the hands of illegal distributors.

Piksel is one of the first businesses working in the broadcast and media industry to have been awarded the Committed to Security mark following the launch of the scheme in October 2017. The company was able to rapidly fulfill the program requirements based on existing, proactive security measures.

“Effective content security is paramount in an industry where piracy is predicted to cost $52 billion by 2022,” said Kristan Bullett, Head of Solutions at Piksel. “Our microservices architecture is built from the ground up to offer security, flexibility and scalability for customers seeking to deploy and manage content. This certification shows that content security is at the top of our agenda and that customer content is safe in our hands.”

To retain the accreditation, Piksel will complete an annual self-assessment to ensure that updated security measures are adhered to. This certification and continued focus on security demonstrates Piksel’s commitment to follow the DPP’s framework, and will allow content producers and content broadcasters to have confidence in the Piksel platform. 

"We're delighted that Piksel has been awarded the DPP's Committed to Security mark for both Broadcast and Production," says DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. "They are part of a rapidly growing community of companies who hold the DPP Security mark. It demonstrates Piksel's clear commitment to cybersecurity best practice, and to playing their part in building a more secure media supply chain."

The DPP is backed by major organizations within the broadcast industry including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.