Pebble Beach Systems Rolls Out Virtualized Channel in a Box for the Public Cloud at IBC

At IBC 2016 on stand 8.C71, Pebble Beach Systems, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, will demonstrate the deployment of multiple virtualized channels in a public cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in a private cloud.

Visitors to the Pebble stand will be able to see a live demonstration showing the deployment and hosting of multiple channels in the cloud, using Orca, Pebble's virtualised playout solution running under the Marina automation control system.

The ability to deploy new channels in a matter of minutes at low cost makes Pebble's public cloud solution particularly suited to pop-up, event-based channels, and to Disaster Recovery applications. 

With Orca, centralcast hubs, service providers, MCOs (Multiple Channel Operators), sports broadcasters, and corporates have the ability to create new IP channels from a series of templates at the touch of a button, and to deploy them quickly into a running system without having to restart or make configuration changes. Fully automated channels, using the same Marina infrastructure as on-premises systems, can be launched and running at the click of a button, with little additional training of staff required.

"A virtual channel in a box, running either on a private or a public cloud, delivers an affordable option to deploy or contract IP-based channels instantly without the burden of racks of complicated hardware, and weeks or months of setup and provisioning," says Ian Cockett, CTO at Pebble Beach Systems. “From a user perspective, creating a channel locally or in the cloud is the same near-instant experience.”

For Disaster Recovery applications, Orca offers a cost effective and efficient solution that can be dynamically deployed only when needed. This saves considerable costs since cloud services are typically only charged when operational.  Storage can contain backup material to be run during an emergency, while mirrored show content for the day can be quickly uploaded in minutes. With content uploaded, the DR feed is a perfect mirror of the original broadcast.

"For many broadcasters, the overheads involved in keeping a channel running in parallel for Disaster Recovery purposes are prohibitive. Deploying an on-demand back up infrastructure in the cloud that mirrors a broadcaster's on premises installation offers the same UI and operator experience at minimal cost and risk to the customer," adds Cockett.

At IBC, Pebble Beach Systems will also be previewing its new AWS Channel Launcher, an ultra-fast channel deployment tool.

About Pebble Beach Systems 

Pebble Beach Systems is a world leader in automation, channel in a box, integrated and virtualised playout technology, with scalable products designed for highly efficient multichannel transmission as well as complex news and sports television. Installed in more than 70 countries and with proven systems ranging from single up to over 150 channels in operation, Pebble Beach Systems offers open, flexible systems, which encompass ingest and playout automation, and complex file-based workflows. The company trades in the US as Pebble Broadcast Systems.


Pebble Beach Systems is a Vislink company.

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For the broadcast markets, Vislink provides wireless communication solutions for the collection of live news, sport and entertainment, as well as software solutions for channel playout automation, channel-in-a-box and video content management. Vislink also provides secure video communications for surveillance and public safety applications such as law enforcement and homeland security.

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