A powerful new docuseries, “Addiction Unplugged,” will premiere on A&E August 17 at 1PM ET. Created by Stuart Goffman, produced by Addiction Buzz with Subculture Films, and executive produced by Stuart Goffman, Allen J West, and Brandon Dumlao the ten-episode docuseries will focus on a wide array of different addiction and recovery scenarios. Each episode will additionally air on A&E sister network, FYI.

A timely follow-doc that travels from city to city taking a compelling look inside the world of addiction and recovery, “Addiction Unplugged” shines a spotlight on the opioid epidemic, the deadliest epidemic in U.S. history. By uncovering topics and issues related to addiction, the series tells compelling stories of struggle, recovery and hope.

The half-hour episodes feature first-hand accounts from the perspectives of the addicts in recovery, their loved ones whose lives have been upended, and the stories of people, communities, corporations and organizations that are fighting for them.

The series deftly shows that no one is immune to addiction, and that it can destroy both the addict and their families. Representing a broad cross-section of people, the series features addicts and people in recovery - millennials, veterans, athletes, college students, celebrities, young professionals, former CEOs and lawyers, high-level executives, first responders, teachers, and soccer moms/little league dads.

Sean Reyes, Utah’s Attorney General and a national expert in combatting the opioid epidemic is the show’s narrator and expert commentator. He states: “I’m thrilled to be part of this show with its emphasis on connection and validation. Addiction Unplugged speaks to eliminating shame and judgment, so we can have real conversations and really begin to heal each other and society. At its core, it is hopeful and optimistic—precisely what we need amid so much anguish.”

“A+E has a long-standing commitment to addiction and recovery programming that brings to light inspirational stories,” said Jim Hoffman, EVP Program Partnerships at A+E Networks. “We’re proud to present this important series which highlights not only the very serious problems of addiction but critical solutions as well.”

The creator and executive producer Stuart Goffman commented, “Seventy-five thousand sons and daughters die each year from their addiction. Those who survive, and their families, are subjected to stigma and shame. By humanizing addiction and showing inspirational stories of recovery and hope, ‘Addiction Unplugged’ aims to shift this dynamic.”

“I am honored to direct the series that taught me so much about the human spirit,” said Allen J West. “Every episode has been both gut-wrenching and inspirational and has taught me that we as a society need to meet this epidemic head on with compassion, an open dialogue, and a commitment to make a difference in our individual communities.”

Allen J. West recently formed Essential Content, a television production company. West was most recently the Creative Producer of the TV series “GIVE,” which won the 2017 Daytime Emmy® award for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Series.

Robert Blagman of Global Media Fusion will handle distribution, international syndication, and advertising sales for “Addiction Unplugged.” Blagman negotiated the deal on behalf of the creators and producers. A+E’s Jordan Harman served as Network EP on the series.

Learn more about Addiction Unplugged at www.addictionunplugged.com.