O2 Filmes Produces TV Globo’s “Lili, a Ex” with Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve

Fremont, CA - October 27, 2014 - Blackmagic Design today announced that O2 Filmes is using several Pocket Cinema Cameras as the lead cameras to shoot TV Globo’s new hit comedy “Lili, a Ex.” On set ingestion is being done by White Gorilla and all color correction for the show is being completed using DaVinci Resolve by O2 Post.

The show, “Lili, a Ex” (Lili, the Ex), is based on the popular comic strip by Caco Galhardo, which tells the story of Lili whose main goal in life is to torment her ex husband Reginaldo. Brazil’s O2 Filmes and O2 Post are handling production and post production for the show, which airs across South America as part of TV Globo’s GNT cable programming.

With “Lili a Ex,” O2 is faced with the need to produce the highest quality programming and create a show that captures the unique look and feel that has made the comic strip so popular. Each of the season’s 13 episodes has just four weeks to be shot and completed, and each episode is shot in CinemaDNG RAW with the goal of maintaining a Super 16 cinematic look throughout the entire show. For O2, the Pocket Cinema Camera fits perfectly into its workflow, enabling them to record in CinemaDNG RAW and capture the show’s desired Super 16 look with just one piece of equipment.

“It’s really, really amazing. People don’t realize that we use this small camera on this big production, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the budget,” said Paulo Barcellos, director of the O2 post production department. “You can see a huge difference between what is shot and what we are able to achieve in post production with the Pocket Cinema Camera’s RAW capabilities. The before and after is really impressive. This is the future!”

“One of the main reasons that we decided to go with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera was because of the size and ability to shoot in the CinemaDNG RAW format,” said Paulo. “We have a lot of tight shots to work with and fast camera movements we need to achieve. Combined with the fact that we need to capture a Super 16 look, the Pocket Cinema Camera is the only one that fits the bill.”

O2 Filmes is able to shoot the entire TV series and decode in real time using DaVinci Resolve on set, which is done in conjunction with digital lab company White Gorilla. Using White Gorilla systems and software, O2 ingests all content, moves it to Resolve to output the dailies in real time on set and then transcodes and audio syncs. From there, files are sent to the O2 Post facility’s main server, where editors and DaVinci Resolve colorists begin working immediately and where final color corrections are completed.

“We use Resolve as a color grading tool in 100 percent of O2’s jobs. Advertising, commercials, TV series, feature films, everything. And we don’t just use Resolve for color grading, but also for conforming,” said Paulo of O2’s love for DaVinci Resolve.

For “Lili a Ex,” O2 is using new DaVinci Resolve 11. The new on set tools allow O2 to securely back up and save digital camera files, copying media drives, memory cards and camera packs to multiple destinations simultaneously.

“As soon as we got the beta of DaVinci Resolve 11, we started using it right away. Using it on set, we could take the color graded files from on set and send for immediate, collaborative color grading back at O2 Post,” said Paulo. “We also use a lot of the tracking features in Resolve. On one particular scene, we had something like 12 nodes, so we love that we can do unlimited nodes on any given scene. We also do a lot of masks, so we can really reshape the entire look of a scene as well as the lighting. This is really big.”

“Lili a Ex” aired on Brazil’s GNT Network on September 24, 2014.

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