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Investigation Discovery Turns To IKA Collective To Help Expand Reach Of IDGO App With Spot Featuring “Homicide Hunter” Lt. Joe Kenda

NEW YORK, NY – Investigation Discovery viewers are often called ID Addicts, and fittingly the new campaign for the network’s IDGO app plays off how addictive their shows are. The promo, created by IKA Collective and directed by Ian Karr, features “Homicide Hunter” and retired police detective Joe Kenda.

App Draws A Crowd:

In the spot, we see the see a day in the life of an ID addict as he goes from a bus stop to an elevator to the DMV, all while watching “Homicide Hunter” on IDGO. Along the way, he becomes the pied piper, collecting viewers who get drawn in by the stories and can’t tear themselves away. Joe Kenda narrates “live,” enforcing the idea that IDGO lets you take your favorite shows with you. In this case, literally.

The spot, which IKA Collective conceived, shot and edited, ends with the guy’s number being called at the DMV, leaving the crowd disappointed and longing for what happens next. Naturally, he tells them how easy it is to download their own IDGO app.

“The world is so noisy right now and promos need to be really distinctive to get noticed," Karr says."Going with an irreverent idea makes it much easier to pay attention. As a network, Investigation Discovery has always been courageous and open to breaking out and doing something different. Expanding their content to mobile devices is a huge part of growing their audience and I’m thrilled that ID entrusted this assignment to us.”

He adds, “We were able to deliver the maximum production values from the budget and to minimize the impact on Joe Kenda’s schedule by shooting the entire spot in one day at a single location — a vacant office building. We built a bus shelter outside and a dead ringer for the DMV in an empty, windowless file room. It’s remarkable how real that felt.”

Characters All DeLong Day:

Additionally, Karr and the IKA Collective team produced a fun Labor Day promo featuring Candice Delong of “Deadly Women.” Set in a typical suburban home, a woman watches a promo that announces how on Labor Day Investigation Discovery will be showing new episodes “all day long.” She excitedly tells her husband who asks “all DeLong day?” This sets off a chain reaction of wacky cast members, including a mail carrier, a chef, a dog, the dog’s “barber” and even a barbershop quartet, all asking incredulously “all DeLong day?”

The spot ends with the whole cast back on the couch, watching Candice Delong while the dog barks another verbal pun: “Candice Be real?”

“The amazing creative team at ID came to us with the All DeLong day” idea and we adapted it to build the story and sight gags,” Karr says. “The main challenge was pacing -- we wanted the craziness to unfold and grow progressively stranger throughout the spot. The casting was critical and the auditions were hilarious. It’s rare that you get to see chefs, barbershop quartets and mail carriers for the same project.“

He adds, “This spot full of crazy non-sequiturs was ambitious, even for ID. I think they came to us because we understand the network’s ‘voice’ and were able to preserve the wackiness of the idea, but still make it something that could be greenlit. I’m happy we could give them a concept that was not only in line with their brand but producible within their budget and schedule. And I got to tell a chef to spank a turkey.”

About IKA Collective:

IKA Collectiveis more than a production company. We’re a creative collective of writers, producers, editors, directors, composers, digital artists, fashionistas, foodies and horror film fanatics who love to tell stories. Whether it’s a commercial, a network promo, a digital media project, or our own original content, IKA Collective is all about communicating in a way that entertains and gets results. Our facility includes five edit rooms, an insert stage, digital color grading, graphics, compositing and audio mixing suites, allowing us to deliver great work on any scale. For more information go to

Creative Credits:

Client: Investigation Discovery

Project: IDGO App campaign; Labor Day promo

SVP Marketing: Doug Seybert,

VP Marketing-Strategy: Nellie Ryan

Sr. Director, Marketing and Promotion: Kyle Russell

Manager Production: Jaycen Armstrong,

Sr. Creative Director: Matt Kendis

Creative Director: Carrie Sullivan

Writer/Producer: Rebekah Nolan

Production: IKA Collective, New York

Director: Ian Karr

Producer: Robbie Chafitz

DP: Bill Winters

Editors: Judd Blaise, Ronni Thomas, Ian Karr

Graphics: Vince Rose

Colorist: Jordan Bramlett

Audio Mix: Jaime Marcelo

Web Resources:

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