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CANNES, FRANCE & TOKYO, JAPAN  – October 17, 2016  – On the first day of MIPCOM, Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV), the leading commercial broadcaster and network in Japan offering entertainment, anime, documentaries and news,  announced today that MF Yapim & MEDYAPIM, has acquired the format rights to their award-winning drama series Mother (11 x 60’) and will be remaking the series in Turkish. The drama ANNE (11 x 90’), meaning mother in Turkish, is set to air on STAR TV and will star the popular Vahide Perçin, Cansu Dere, and Beren Gökyildiz. The deal marks the first time that a Japanese drama will be offered as a format in Turkey. The announcement was made jointly today by Mr. Atsushi Hatayama, President of International Business Development for Nippon TV, and Faruk Bayhan, the President of MF Yapim.

 “As evidenced by all of the recent news coming out of Turkey, the country is doing great business in the world of TV. Last year, as Country of Honor during MIPCOM, the key executives from the region unveiled an impressive presentation specifically focusing on their dramas which are very successful and furthermore being remade in South America, and then the USA,” commented Mr. Hatayama.  “Our hope is that thanks to this deal with MF Yapim Mother will achieve tremendous success in Turkey where we know for a fact the viewers are extremely savvy.”

“Mother is a remarkable TV series with its successful production and its power to create awareness sociologically. It has been very popular in Japan in the past years and this fall we are aiming to succeed in Turkey, as it will be the first time a Japanese drama will be offered as a format in our country. We hope that our cooperation with Nippon TV will continue after Mother,” stated Mr. Bayhan.


Child abuse is arguably one of the cruelest of crimes. Just as horrendous is the all-too common tendency of society to turn a blind eye to this abuse. Mother is the story of a woman who responds to an abused girl's silent cries of help. The drama follows an aloof 30+-year-old woman who works reluctantly as an elementary school teacher and notices bruises on her first grade student. Initially, like everyone else, she looks the other way. But the student’s wretched desperation soon awakens a passion and determination in this caring teacher. Together they skip town and embark on a risky journey pretending to be mother and child. Mother chronicles the transformation of a once disenchanted woman who suddenly takes on the role of a parent to a child who is starved for maternal love. The drama probes into the meaning of motherhood in modern society.


Since becoming Japan’s first commercial broadcaster in 1953, Nippon TV has become the country’s undisputed ratings champion and finest producer of all genres of programs. One of the biggest successes for Nippon TV is “Dragons’ Den,” a globally successful business show. The format has sold into more than 30 territories including the UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, India, Italy and Nigeria. The Emmy award winning version, “Shark Tank,” airs in the US. With well-established companies that deal in a broad range of businesses from movies, animation, events, to fitness clubs, Nippon TV is leveraging its ideal platform to expand into new realms. Recently launching a channel in Southeast Asia named GEM through a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television Networks, and taking a stake in the SVOD market through wholly-owned subsidiary Hulu Japan, Nippon TV is steadily solidifying its presence and brand as a global media powerhouse.


MF Yapım is a Turkish production company found by Faruk Bayhan and Fatih Aksoy in 2012. MF Yapim is one of the most accomplished production companies in Turkey. MF Yapim’s CEO Faruk Bayhan has over 40 years experience in Turkish media business. MF Yapim is highly experienced in remakes and has had several engagements with countries such as South Korea, Italy and Japan .  MF Yapım is the first production company which produced Korean drama remake in Turkey.