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New Wohler Products at BES EXPO 2015

Wohler Technologies Product Preview
Exhibiting With Falcon Technologies -- Eagle Group 
Hall 12A, Stand 69

MPEG DVB-ASI and IPTV Monitors
Providing functionality critical for facilities migrating toward IP-oriented distribution networks, the award-winning MPEG Series monitors decode and provide convenient at-a-glance monitoring of program content from MPEG-2/4 ASI and Ethernet IP streams, as well as 3G/HD-SDI inputs. To meet broadcasters' increasing need for stream-based monitoring, the MPEG video monitors identify, decode, and display in high resolution both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals (input via BNC or Ethernet) while giving users the ability to browse the PAT, PMT, PID, EIT, and NIT data (both ATSC and DVB tables) for each selected stream. In addition to MPEG ASI and dual-input 3G/HD-SDI with loop-through, the MPEG monitors accommodate audio with level meters, GPI, and tally. Convenient monitoring capabilities include Dolby Digital and DigitalPlus decoding as well as the capacity to decode as many as 12 audio groups. In-picture level metering of up to 16 channels of audio is provided for both average and PPM (peak) levels with selectable meter scales.

Photo Caption: Wohler MPEG-4290 Video Monitor

AMP2-E16V Series Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor
The AMP2-E16V monitor's feature list continues to be the longest in the industry, yet the product is operated with one-touch simplicity. In addition to its top-quality audio system, it features simultaneous multiformat monitoring, quick program selection, instant stereo downmix, loudness monitoring, internal channel mixing including SDI re-embedding, and audio delays. The monitor also includes a wide variety of meter scales and ways to view meters, video, and Dolby or SMPTE 2020 metadata.

The AMP2-E16V offers Dolby Zoom, Dolby E line position, and CRC error monitoring, as well as automatic system configuration based upon signal inputs, 32 system configuration presets, an internal help system, and software updates via Ethernet. Audio processor card options facilitate easy configuration for multiple SDI, AES I/O, and analog I/O signals with connections to external surround systems.

A new AVB Monitoring Option card allows AVB channels to be mixed, level-adjusted, and monitored alongside AES, SDI, analog, and other input types, and in the same fashion. Further enhancements include new processing modules and newly developed software that expand the feature set and capabilities to include loudness monitoring and extended audio interfacing.

Photo Caption: Wohler AMP2-E16V Audio/Video Processing Monitor

AMP1-16M Dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Monitor 
Wohler's new AMP1-16M dual-input SDI audio monitor provides high-performance monitoring of embedded audio in two 3G/HD/SD-SDI streams at an attractive price point. The 1-RU system de-embeds and provides metering and monitoring of any or all of the 16 audio channels in the selected 3G/HD/SD-SDI stream. It assures intuitive operation and clear display of levels and other critical information using bright 2.4-inch LED-backlit LCD displays, enabling one-touch monitoring and summing of any selected channel pair(s) to built-in speakers, headphones, or XLR-balanced analog outputs.

The AMP1-16M monitor features a number of convenient capabilities, including remote access for setup and storage of user-defined presets via Ethernet and USB connections, along with gain adjustment/trim of individual audio channels with the ability to assign channels as left, right, or center (both) to the internal audio system and the analog outputs. It offers both pass-through of each SDI input and a re-clocked output of the selected monitored SDI stream.

Photo Caption: Wohler AMP1-16M Dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Monitor

Presto SDI Video/Audio Switcher
Accepting up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs on buttons that are also video displays, the compact Wohler Presto SDI video/audio monitor enables flexible, accurate monitoring and switching in broadcast applications. A single button press switches the displayed input for both video and associated audio to a pair of re-clocked outputs for routing and/or monitoring on a larger device. While the simplicity and compact size of the system are key benefits in busy multiprogram environments, the Presto offers the advantage of a remarkably high number of screens in just 1 RU. High-quality OLED screens enable easy identification of content, and LED indicators clearly identify the selected source.

Photo Caption: Wohler Presto High-Performance SDI Video/Audio Switcher

RM-2443W-HD Audio/Video Monitor
The RM HD Series is a full-featured, low-cost range of in-rack HD/SD-SDI audio/video monitors ideal for the many feeds in mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, and duplication and postproduction applications. Standard features include in-monitor level metering, selectable video waveform and vectorscope, safe and title markers, labeling, tally, and familiar CRT-style picture controls. RM Series monitors cover the gamut of screen count and size. At BES Expo 2015, Wohler will highlight the RM-2443W-HD, which features four 4.3-inch screens, and the RM-4290W-HD, which features dual 9-inch screens. All models feature speakers and/or headphone jacks for audio monitoring.

Photo Caption: Wohler RM-2443W-HD 

Tachyon(R) Wormhole(TM) Automated File-Based Retiming Solution 
Tachyon(R) Wormhole(TM) is a file-based retiming solution that enables automated plus or minus run-time adjustment of media assets while preserving not only video and audio quality, but also closed caption/subtitle integrity. Based on the Wohler RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform(TM) running Cinnafilm's award-winning Tachyon algorithms, Tachyon Wormhole allows content owners and broadcasters to meet specific customers' length requirements cost-effectively and efficiently. In many cases, this solution enables users to replace a great deal of expensive specialized hardware with a single server at a fraction of the cost.

Photo Caption: Tachyon(R) Wormhole(TM) Automated File-Based Retiming Solution

Company Quote:

"BES Expo gives us a unique opportunity to show India's rapidly growing broadcast market the many efficiencies afforded by our baseband, stream, and file-based solutions. Highlights will include our flagship AMP2 audio and video monitoring and processing system, versatile MPEG series video monitors, the robust yet compact Presto switcher and RM audio/video monitor, and the award-winning Tachyon Wormhole automated file-based retiming solution."
-- Alex Collins, Sales Director, APAC, Wohler

Company Overview:

Wohler's tradition of innovation began more than 30 years ago with the creation of the industry's first in-rack audio monitoring product, and it continues today through the company's continued development of unique solutions that span the baseband, stream, and file-based domains and include advanced monitoring solutions for video, audio, and captioning applications; solutions for IP monitoring, encoding, and decoding; and the award-winning RadiantGrid(TM) platform for efficient file-based content transformation and distribution. Together, Wohler's advanced, cost-effective confidence monitoring and media transformation products ensure high-quality production across any platform and delivery to any device. More information about Wohler is available at 

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