New Rithm AI Cloud Transcoder Improves Advertising Video Start Times 15% - 75%

Concord, Mass., February 6, 2018 – EuclidIQ, a leading video compression company announces Rithm, a highly innovative approach to cloud transcoding that improves video start times and reduces buffering 15% to 75% for ABR streaming of a wide variety of HD content when compared to leading cloud transcoders. EuclidIQ will be showcasing their innovation to video advertisers and distributors during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) gathering in April.

Viewers increasingly complain about online streaming quality and performance, so it’s never been more important for advertisers and distributors to provide higher quality video streams at lower bitrates, streams that start faster and buffer less. Rithm is an AI-based cloud transcoder that has been trained on human subjective test data to optimize perceptual quality while adapting to video content.  The resulting ABR bitstreams look better, compress better, start faster, and buffer less. Video prepared with Rithm also results in lower Internet and storage cost.

Rithm is hosted at Amazon Web Services, which makes integration into existing cloud workflows seamless and highly scalable. “Our goal with Rithm is to simplify high-quality, optimized encoding, which can sometimes be considered a dark art. The benefit to video advertisers and distributors is enormous,” said EuclidIQ CEO, Richard Wingard. “With Rithm, customers just send our service a video file, and our resultant output video will meet the strictest quality benchmarks while starting faster and buffering less. Video advertisers and distributors now have an encoder choice that is a step above in quality of service and quality of experience, which improves their bottom line."

Rithm is designed to lower the output bitrate of each video encoding as much as possible to maximize bandwidth savings, but never so much that the video quality is below what the operator desires. Thus, Rithm maximizes bandwidth savings while maintaining quality.

NAB attendees can see a demonstration and arrange to meet with EuclidIQ staff by contacting EuclidIQ at