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New Reverse Compensation Management Solution from MAI Simplifies Accounting Requirements for Broadcast Network Affiliates

With many broadcast television stations affiliated with a television network now obligated pay a portion of their retransmission consent fees back to their networks, MAI -Media Audits International, has integrated a Reverse Compensation Module into its widely utilized MAI VMetrics℠ Revenue Management Services (RMS) solution.

MAI’s new Reverse Compensation Module represents a significant cost savings for network-affiliated TV stations by providing an efficient and cost effective alternative to the burdens associated with internally managing reverse retransmission fees payments to their network groups. In addition, integrating reverse compensation fee management into the MAI VMetrics℠ Revenue Management Services solution provides broadcast stations with a single unified solution for managing their retransmission content business operations.

“The addition of a reverse compensation module to the suite of revenue management services we offer has been welcomed by our TV station customers, who must now add a layer of accounting practices to their management of retransmission consent fee payments,” said MAI CEO Bruce M. Lazarus.

The new reverse compensation module from MAI offers a full-cycle accounting process that includes reconciliation of accounting period receivables against the true payables owed to the broadcast networks. Its integration into the MAI VMetrics℠ Revenue Management Services (RMS) solution also allows MAI to provide its broadcast station clients with monthly statements containing detailed support and are ready for processing by the organization’s accounts payable department. In addition, the new reverse compensation module:

• Provides license fee-based income statements and cash flow net of reverse compensation on a per station, per MVPD, per network and per market basis;

• Stores Network compensation terms in a centralized repository with the customer’s retransmission consent agreements, creating a one-stop venue for contract data;

• Automates data accuracy, which results in reduced labor costs, better quality control and reducing the likelihood of having to re-work data and calculations;

• Offers built-in scalability and flexibility to handle any change in size or permutation of Reverse Comp terms;

• Is fully exportable, in order to address the organization’s needs for analytical and accounting reviews in Excel or other formats

• Draws upon the ongoing investments and enhancements that power MAI’s VMetricsSM database technology; and it

• Creates a complete audit trail.

About MAI: The leading provider of audit and financial management services for the media industry, Media Audits International audits billions of dollars each year in license fees, retransmission consent fees, subscriber fees, and royalty payments, on behalf of major media companies in the Fortune 500 throughout the world. Established in 2007, MAI’s Revenue Management Services solution currently serves over 30 clients and processes approximately $3 billion in license fee payments annually. More information about MAI may be found at