New Orad Pivot Control Adds Speed to PlayMaker Sports Replay – Shown at NAB 2015

March 30, 2015 -- Orad will unveil at NAB 2015 (booth SL6317) its new Pivot Windows-based controller. Designed to accelerate the PlayMaker Live Analysis and Sports Replay workflows, Pivot provides a powerful set of tools that can be used by multiple operators simultaneously to quickly facilitate production tasks such as file logging, sports highlight preparations, on-air playout and more. “Pivot is a true extension of PlayMaker, creating a much more fluid and efficient workflow for fast-paced sports content production,” comments Avi Sharir, president and CEO of Orad.

Pivot’s exceptional workspace, which is organized for fast sports production, includes intuitive tools that allow users to quickly create clips from available recordings as well as create and edit highlight playlists using the simple drag and drop capabilities. Operators and/or any production assistants can easily tag clips with metadata tags, which are also searchable from the PlayMaker controller. Pivot also facilitates clip and playlist playout to multiple outputs as well as the management of file transfers between servers and/or shared storage devices.

For more about Pivot, book a demo at or drop by our booth SL6317.

Orad Press Briefing at NAB 2015

Members of the registered press are invited to attend Orad’s press briefing held at its booth (SL6317) on Monday, April 13th at 12pm. Participants should register their attendance with Anya Oskolkova,

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