inks licensing agreement with Applied Electronics in Canada, the award-winning audience engagement specialist, has today announced a partnership agreement with Applied Electronics. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the media solutions company will license’s Bee-On platform and offer local support, creative assistance and training for broadcasters and content providers.

“We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Applied Electronics. Their experience and knowledge of the industry, not to mention their expansive sales network, fits our strategic regional growth plans. We’re excited to work with forward-thinking broadcasters and content providers looking to bridge the gap between content and their audiences,” said Scott Davies, CEO

We’ll be working with their teams to give extensive support and training, which includes Bee-On’s new, soon-to-be-announced capabilities, that will enhance content providers’ workflows with seamless social platform and web browser integration,” added Karl Kathuria, head of North America

With over 20 years’ experience in interactive TV, has developed its cloud-based SaaS solution Bee-On to provide broadcasters and advertisers with the tools to deliver rich and captivating content that can be managed remotely, away from main production hubs. Bee-On’s intuitive system enables rapid real-time production changes and produces HD broadcast graphics on linear and digital platforms. The innovative feature-set includes a robust social moderation engine that filters audience-generated content - such as images, comments and videos – and manages scalable live polls and competitions, delivered in real-time for live or pre-recorded programming.

“Applied Electronics is excited to representNever.noin the Canadian marketplace – a company that has been at the forefront of social technology innovation since the inception of the social media phenomenon,” said Paul Stechly, president of Applied Electronics. “The way people interact with content has evolved dramatically over the past two decades. It is fascinating to see the incredible possibilities that exist now for global audiences to interact in real time with the content they consume.”

With remote production at the forefront of content producers’ needs, Bee-On is fast becoming the go-to solution for fan and audience engagement across platforms. The new personalized response and messenger bot enhances broadcaster’s and advertiser’s engagement, extending campaigns beyond TV. Full access to social media APIs enables direct messaging with the audience. Bee-On manages and distributes auto-responses such as personalized messages and videos, in response to social media interaction following a call to action within the broadcast or streamed content. With a potential to boost broadcast and AVOD programming, direct and automated mass messaging delivers engagement rates of 154% on average.

Never.noappeals to both traditional and non-traditional broadcasters, such as corporations with in-house content creation teams. They are seeing the value in integrating real-time social user-generated content or live dynamic content into their productions,”Stechly added. “Content teams can have the ability to produce live programming strengthened by real-time audience interaction and engagement’s audience engagement platforms deliver invaluable tools and results to producers, broadcasters and advertisers.”

Key features:

  • Robust real-time social graphics – cloud-based graphics solution provides out-of-the-box and customizable advanced visualizations for live broadcast, streaming, digital signage and events. Bespoke templates can be customized and integrated with traditional TV graphics publishing systems.
  • Enhanced social campaign management - engage and amplify audiences across social channels with personalized responses. Generate automatic and moderated bespoke picture and video messaging over social networks.
  • Personalized engagement – automate bot dialogues for marketing or extended and personalized audience engagement on platforms such as Facebook Messenger.
  • Full social platform integration – access Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram content and data, including improved social API access with Twitter Account Activity APIs, Facebook Group harvesting, Facebook Questions API, and many more to come.
  • Polling and voting – enhance audience engagement by running interactive live polls across social, messaging and digital platforms. Featuring Facebook Live Polling and polling widgets, generate web voting widgets using customizable templates for scalable engagement.


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Paul Roeser, Manager of Sales Operations for Applied Electronics is an international award-winning social engagement platform specialist, with headquarters in Manchester UK and Oslo Norway and offices in Canada, USA, Australia and UAE. Specializing in making TV social and advertising dynamic, it helps leading broadcasters, brands and agencies to engage with and grow their audiences, via interactivity and personalization using real-time social content. More information can be found at

About Applied Electronics:

Applied Electronics Limited is Canada’s leading provider of integrated media solutions and professional audio visual, broadcast and media storage technology. Providing specialized services including technical consultation, sales, system design, supply, integration, programming, and after-sale support, Applied Electronics has the resources and expertise to support projects of any scale. Founded in 1958, Applied Electronics maintains strong relationships with industry-leading technology manufacturers and has extensive experience to deliver innovative solutions to improve workflows, communication and collaboration for companies with media integration requirements. Applied Electronics is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with regional operations in Ottawa, Montréal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. For more information,