Nat Geo Wild’s Fish Bowl IV: Are You Ready for the Biggest Night in Aquatic Sports History?!

(WASHINGTON, D.C. & PASADENA, C.A.— January 13, 2017) You can’t wrap up football season without Nat Geo WILD’s Fish Bowl IV: the first ever fish football championship. It’s the Los Angeles Clams versus the Buffalo Gills, two titans of the tank. Welcome to Deep Sea Field, everyone. We’re going to watch fish swim around and pretend they’re playing football. If you try hard enough, anyfin is possible. There’s no better Super Bowl pregame than Fish Bowl IV, premiering Sunday, Feb. 5 at 4/3c.

“Since no one watched last year, we created a fake fish football championship that is destined to be playing in the background while thousands of Super Bowl party hosts prep for the main event,” said Geoff Daniels, executive VP and general manager, Nat Geo WILD. “That’s right, rip open the chips, put out the guacamole, and prep your Jell-O shots while your cat goes crazy watching the biggest night in aquatic sports history.”

No puppies, no kittens, just two teams of saltwater fish, a couple of penguin sport-casters and an hour stuffed to the gills with seafaring puns. Are you ready for some Fish Bowl???

Joe Duck leads our penguin play-by-play reporting team, joined by former Most Valuable Penguin, Koi Aikman, providing slightly confused color commentary. Watch them try their hardest not to eat the players  - it’s all part of the fun. Herring Andrews is our side tank reporter, fresh off of Dancing with The Starfish. She’s known for her in-depth and informative “Inside the Puddle” segment. Mike Coral joins the team as rules analyst to provide insight on some of the referees’ calls.

Two titans of the tank, one underwater field. Destiny floats before them like a lazy jellyfish. This is Fish Bowl IV: LA Clams versus the Buffalo Gills. EXCLUSIVELY on Nat Geo WILD.

Jessika Walsten

Jessika is an analyst for TVREV and Fabric Media. She previously served in various roles at Broadcasting + Cable, Multichannel News and NextTV, working with the brands since 2013. A graduate of USC Annenberg, Jessika has edited and reported on a variety of subjects in the media and entertainment space, including profiles on industry leaders and breaking news.