MX1 at the 2018 NAB Show

Media companies today need to work fast, reduce their operational costs, and offer more advanced features than the competition in order to provide a full range of end-to-end services and successfully aggregate, manage, and deliver linear and nonlinear content.

At the 2018 NAB Show, MX1 will demonstrate its comprehensive media services, including MX1 360, the company's unified media platform for managing and delivering linear and non-linear content to any broadcast, VOD, or OTT platform. High-speed editing via the cloud and smart cloud-based playout will also be highlighted, along with real-world demos showcasing how MX1 works with leading news organizations such as Agence France-Presse (AFP).

2018 NAB Show Exhibitor Preview
April 9-12
Las Vegas
Booth SU5802

MX1 360 Unified Media Platform With High-Speed Editing
At the 2018 NAB Show, MX1 will showcase how its MX1 360 unified media platform speeds up the editing process and unlocks new workflows via the remote editing of sports, news, and other live events via the cloud. MX1 360's revamped and easy to use editing tool allows for the quick and effective production of highlights directly from live feeds, whether the feed originates from satellite, fibre, or IP. To assist editors working on the fly, the system automatically associates external metadata with the feed, making it easy to locate specific events when producing fast turnaround highlights packages. MX1's solution also allows for the archiving and future repurposing of content and highlights, while enabling content to be distributed to broadcast, VOD, and OTT platforms worldwide, all from a single system.

Demo of AFP News Feeds Using MX1 for IP Video Distribution
MX1 will show how one of the world's largest news organisations, AFP, is using the company's services to distribute video of breaking news stories to clients worldwide via a secure IP network. Video is delivered to MX1 by fibre and from there made available via MX1's global infrastructure to broadcasters and publishers around the world. When major stories are breaking simultaneously, the AFPTV Live platform provides broadcasters and publishers with the flexibility to choose AFP news items that resonate most with their market.

Smart Cloud-Based Playout Solution Reduces Channel Origination Costs
MX1 Smart Playout is a cloud-based playout service that enables broadcasters easily and cost-effectively to create linear TV channels in SD, HD, or UHD without any upfront investment. Offering 24/7 maintenance, monitoring, and support from MX1, the smart playout solution takes the pressure off broadcasters by entrusting experts with complex tasks. The easy-to-operate playout application combines content ingest, playlist editing, and channel monitoring with an intuitive comfortable dashboard and is accessible via web browsers from anywhere in the world, giving operators the power to govern every aspect of the process from a single screen. Featuring support for all major content formats and a range of digital video effects and secondary events, MX1 Smart Playout can be combined with further MX1 services such as media asset management, content archiving, cost-effective channel distribution via IP, content delivery to VOD platforms, and more. Highly scalable and completely network agnostic, the application shifts playout costs to an OPEX model, resulting in massive cost savings for broadcasters.

Company Overview:

About MX1
MX1, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SES (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), is a leading global media services provider. The world's first media globalizer works with leading media businesses to transform content into the ultimate viewer experience for a global audience. With more entertainment, more innovation, and more impact, MX1 offers a full range of content management, delivery, and value-added digital media services.

Every day, MX1 distributes more than 2,750 TV channels, manages the playout of over 500 channels, delivers syndicated content to more than 120 leading subscription VOD platforms, delivers over 8,000 hours of online video streaming and delivers more than 500 hours of premium sports and live events. The new company has 16 offices worldwide and operates six global state-of-the-art media centres, enabling customers to reach billions of people around the world.

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