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"Value Equation for OnDemand" Looks to Tipping Point in Media PHOENIX, Arizona (MFF Booth 103) - May 7, 2015 - When will the media business reach the "tipping point" in the ongoing switch from traditional linear programming streams to OnDemand content? Or are we already past it? And the question for media executives - are you ahead of the curve, or behind it?

These and other core questions about the transformation now underway will be discussed and debated by a panel of those on the frontlines of change at the Media Finance Focus 2015 conference being held at The Arizona Grand Hotel & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona.

The "Value Equation for OnDemand" panel is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th from 11:30am to 12:20 pm. The panel will be moderated by BroadView Software's Susan Whalen, VP Business Development and will include BroadView Founding Partner and President Michael Atkin. Chris Pizzuro, Head of Product, Sales and Marketing for Canoe Ventures, the leading Video on Demand Dynamic Ad Serving and Data Analytics Products vendor, will also be part of the panel.

This year's panel is a follow-up to the overflow crowd that attended last year's. It also follows in the wake of a similar panel featuring Atkin and Pizzuro at NAB 2015. What is clear is that this is the top-of-mind topic for those in the industry wondering how the Television business will finally make the transition into the digital era.

Media Finance Focus 2015 is the 55th annual conference for the Media Finance Management Association and BCCA, the media industry's credit association.

The full session description: Consumers are moving in droves from appointment television to OnDemand watching of content how, when and where they choose. How can broadcasters respond to this change in media consumption - what emerging models and technologies allow them to monetize it effectively? OnDemand consumption is an important and potentially profitable business. By looking at each aspect of the value chain we will examine how leveraging content across multi-platform delivery actually can increase consumption and eyeballs. Each platform provides its own avenues for monetization including subscription content, advertising supported and others. This panel will help CFOs and investors help map out the journey ahead through she shifting currents of multiple revenue streams. Some may find a pleasant cruise downstream, others a white-water adventure shooting the rapids. Those that don't plan (and attend) run the risk of being left high-and-dry.

The full conference agenda is available here:!agenda/c43r


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