Meet The Latest & Greatest - Vivien2015

CAST Software Ltd announces Vivien2015 virtual event designer available for immediate download from Vivien’s Member’s Only Area.

Excited about the new software introduction, Bruce Freeman, Chairman of CAST Group said: “Vivien2015’s many new features, especially the continued advances in its rich graphics, keeps it as the most powerful event planning, previz and selling tool available in the market today. Our customers are always telling us about new ways they make Vivien work for them. To support them, CAST invests heavily in research and software development to keep Vivien the product of choice for the full spectrum of event industry professionals. So it is with Vivien2015.” 

Key features of Vivien2015:


Often venues or event planners use mirrored, high-gloss or reflective surfaces to enhance ambiance in a space. Event professionals can create and previzualise reflections in realtime to identify and remedy any incongruities, leading to more creative yet flawless designs that will leave competitors behind.

New Library Objects

With Vivien2015, any event design can be a work of art. Vivien2015 delivers an amplified library of more trees and shrubbery, spiritual and religious objects and furniture, table centerpieces, floral arrangements and many other objects to make event designs even more complete. There is even a whole section of Christmas objects. 

New Textures

Vivien2015’s Library has grown and been significantly upgraded with rich new textures sourced from around the world. Using these realistic textures will show the project team, suppliers, venues and especially clients exactly what to expect. 

Virtual View Profiles

Combinations of Virtual View settings can be saved for different situations and scenarios so they are easily accessible in future with a click!

2D Curtain Layout

Enabling creativity and designs for all to see, the new easy one-click feature transforms lines into curtains in layouts.

Cost and Supplier Data

With Vivien 2015, event paperwork and proposals and all those administrative tasks just got a lot more efficient. Vivien2015 has been tuned up to better collect and present data that can be used for secondary operations like costing and billing. For example, saving a price list of each item of furniture, rental equipment and such, including details about suppliers, costs as well as pricing and charges. 

Realistic Light Beams 

With the new Realistic Beams, lights enter a whole new realm of realism bringing events to life and showing clients exactly what they want to see. 

“Vivien2015 ensures that event professionals are more productive, professional and profitable,” concluded Freeman.

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About CAST Software Ltd

Since 1994, Toronto Canada-based CAST Software’s development strategy has been to build robust, reliable comprehensive software tools for entertainment industry professionals to become more creative and efficient. wysiwyg is the powerful, adaptable previsualization software that has become indubitably the industry standard.  In 2005, CAST launched Vivien – Virtual Event Designer, the “new and better way” for event planners, designers, caterers, venues, and others in the meetings and special events industry to design and plan. Since its release; Vivien has become one of the most powerful tools in the industry used by hotels, planners, conferences, caterers and more around the world. In 2013, CAST launched BlackTrax, a revolutionary motion tracking system for people and objects and delivering streaming dynamic positional data in 3 and 6 degrees of freedom to 3rd party downstream technologies:  automated lighting, 3D & spatial audio, multimedia, robotic cameras

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