Habla Con Dr. Michael gives viewers expert guidance to navigate the struggles and hurdles of life to achieve ultimate success and personal wellbeing. The host, Dr. Michael Meir, is a psychotherapist, licensed mental health counselor, cardiologist, researcher, trainer and innovative expert in human development determined to empower viewers to take on life by the horns.

With more than thirty years of experience in the US and Latin America, Dr. Michael Meir is internationally recognized for his leadership role in human development with a prominent record in Argentina as well as the United States. Along with his professional organization, Empowerment Experts Group, which is comprised of a dream team of highly specialized experts from around the world, he is able to accelerate the way clients can reach their full potential. Dr. Michael Meir’s assessment and guidance enables them to effectively plan, meet goals and improve quality of life, performance, organizational effectiveness, relationships and economic standards.

Habla Con Dr. Michaelwill address topics in a multi-part series that include: how a happy life parallels to success in business; physical, spiritual and emotional alignment to achieve personal goals; realizing the science of love and commitment to create a successful relationship; how to teach children an understanding of their future to instill a genuine desire to study and succeed; and the reprogramming of ones mind to create the perfect machine.

“Shows like The Doctors and Dr. Ozfeature life-changing advice and entertainment, but until now, there’s never been such a show that addresses the unique challenges that Hispanics face on a daily basis. Dr. Michael is one of the most qualified experts in the field and we’re confident this new show will be one of the most popular on MedicosTV,” said Fernando Larez Jr., founder of MedicosTV.

is a Spanish language health and wellness broadcast channel with headquarters in South Florida. MedicosTV is dedicated to providing important health information for Spanish-speakers in the United States and around the world. MedicosTV is fully dedicated to education and enhancement of the standard of living of the Hispanic community by offering on-air, online, written, and interactive medical advice and tips from certified medical practitioners in their specialized fields.

The MedicosTV channel is available nationwide via traditional television broadcast as well as video-on-demand, online streaming subscription service, and a variety of social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo (opens in new tab).

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