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Mediamorph Unveils Studio Connect, Automating Title Avails Processing to EMA Avails Spec

NEW YORK— April 8, 2015 - Mediamorph, the choice of every major Film Studio to manage its Digital Distribution, today announced the launch of Studio Connect, its new cloud-based platform that automates Title Avails consolidation, management and publishing to the EMA Avails specification and other output formats like CableLabs ADI. Studio Connect is the latest in a long line of products intended to make Digital Distribution more efficient for the largest Film Studios.

The growth of digital distribution is driving a new wave of complexity for content providers and the way they connect with their licensees. “Since our inception, Mediamorph has helped studios track, manage and automate the information they send to and receive from their partners,” said Mediamorph CEO, Rob Gardos. “Studio Connect is our latest product offering as we continue to invest heavily in solutions for our content provider clients.”

Content providers with a large and growing number of digital licensees must pull together titles, avail dates, pricing and metadata from disparate systems for thousands of films and TV shows. This process is manual, expensive and error-prone. To complete the data delivery, licensees often require title avails and metadata delivered in a standard format like EMA or ADI.

Mediamorph’s Studio Connect fully automates the process by streamlining the consolidation of titles, avails, pricing and metadata. It empowers content providers to easily manage which titles and associated information gets sent to which licensee. Studio Connect then publishes the output in a variety of standard formats including the EMA Avails spec and ADI XML.

Mediamorph uniquely provides this solution as an ongoing service, ensuring that as output formats change, the solution adapts to support those changes. The end result is the delivery of avails data and metadata that is easier, quicker and more accurate.

Primary benefits include:
•Easier management of the Avails process across hundreds of partners
•Process automation, reducing back-and-forth, and therefore less wasted time and costs
•More accurate financial reports from licensees as a result of more accurate title and metadata data being sent to them
•Lower costs

“We have seen great interest from our studio clients who understand the operational and business benefits of streamlining the digital supply chain,” said Steve Pitts, Chief Revenue Officer. “This is a critical area of focus for us and with Studio Connect, we offer content providers a new and unique way to manage title avail processing and publishing.”

About Mediamorph:
Mediamorph’s cloud-based platform and data management services help studios, networks, and operators manage contracts, rights, and title avails, track content performance, and calculate royalties. We help Media and Entertainment companies to prosper in a rapidly changing environment. All major Hollywood studios, leading television networks and the largest video service operators use Mediamorph.

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Media Contact:
Tim Rottach
VP of Marketing