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Mediamorph’s New Offer Management Module Streamlines EST & VOD Title Management to Maximize Storefront Revenue

NEW YORK— May 1, 2015 Mediamorph, the choice of three of the four largest Pay TV providers in the world, today announced Offer Management, its newest module that helps video operators dynamically manage pricing, promotions and placement for titles to drive more revenue from their licensed content.

There is a massive opportunity for Pay TV providers to effectively manage and drive more revenue from the large number of titles in their library. In addition to the challenge of consolidating and understanding the information coming from content providers, operators must decide which titles to license, which studio promotions to utilize, what price points to set, for which dates and where to put that content. Teams often rely on huge spreadsheets, which provide limited visibility into changes, minimal pricing controls and inefficient collaboration.

Offer Management empowers operations and merchandising teams by allowing them to plan, select titles, price and manage content efficiently and effectively. Price and margin rules can be established and automated through the product to ensure accurate pricing and revenue optimization. “Offer Management drives profitability by making it easier to implement price and margins rules”, said Mediamorph CEO, Rob Gardos. “Mediamorph uniquely streamlines the process of how Pay TV providers manage the licensing lifecycle; from contract centralization to content selection, to pricing and full circle to studio revenue remittance.”

Offer Management is fully integrated within the Mediamorph suite

  • Deal Management: Centralizes financial and rights terms from contracts with content providers
  • Connect Avails & Metadata: Consolidates title and avails data from studios to deliver a single version of available titles within Offer Management
  • Supplier Payments: Simplifies and streamlines the calculations of remittance revenue back to studios

Offer Management primary benefits include

  • More effective content management
  • Powerful search and organization tools
  • Price rules engine drives profitability
  • Improved team collaboration

About Mediamorph:

Mediamorph’s cloud-based platform and data management services help studios, networks, and operators manage contracts, rights, and title avails, track content performance, and calculate royalties. We help Media and Entertainment companies to prosper in a rapidly changing environment. All major Hollywood studios, leading television networks and the largest video service operators use Mediamorph. For more information visit

Media Contact:

Tim Rottach

VP of Marketing