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Media Analytics Integrates Inscape ACR Data, Launches SMARTview and SMARTlink a Measurement Service for Direct Response TV Advertising

Media Analytics combines its proprietary ad tracking platform and data cloud with Inscape Smart TV data to deliver granular audience viewership, engagement and attribution for direct response TV advertising across Linear TV, VOD, SVOD and OTT

West Chester, PA, August 23, 2017 – Media Analytics today announced its SMARTview and SMARTlink measurement services - a suite of syndicated services that measure census- level data of household viewing of direct response advertising on television screens, and analyzes downstream consumer cross-screen behavior and engagement in real time.  Media Analytics cloud-based platform leverages a proprietary real time TV Tracker ad curation and detection technology and combines it with Inscape’s connected-TV data platform to produce a comprehensive look into viewing behaviors on connected TV screens.

As viewing consumption for premium video content spreads across traditional linear TV, VOD, and OTT, audiences become more fragmented and difficult to track and measure, which in turn limits the ability of marketers and agencies to know the true cross screen reach, ad exposure, and attribution. All while brand executives are receiving campaign performance data in real time via their online advertising, creating a level of escalating frustration with the lack of speed, granularity, and consistency across offline channels like TV.

Media Analytics SMARTview & SMARTlink solutions address this issue by providing the ability for brands, agencies, and anyone else in the TV advertising industry to measure the level of TV viewership and all associated attribution elements, and on-the-fly follow their online behavior directly to the brands website to know deterministically the role each ad exposure had in driving consumer engagement and conversion, thus delivering true ROI measurement.

“We are now able to determine the true value of each ad unit within each campaign as well as the value of each audience segment across TV and mobile, tablet, and desktop” stated Jeff White Media Analytics CEO. “Direct marketers can see if they are indeed reaching the highest value prospects at the optimum frequency and they can understand viewer migration to the web for further brand engagement.” White went on to say - “The days of applying rudimentary probabilistic matching models, such as TV spot occurrence with Website traffic spikes, is a thing of the past. Using primal metrics like ad spend to determine media reach and effectiveness can finally be laid to rest along with the buggy whip.”

“A year ago we set out to find sources of TV viewership data that were complementary to our own 1st party data generation engine. We had three criteria: volume, variety, and velocity utilizing industry best practices,” said White. Inscape was the only provider that could deliver on all elements. They deliver clean data, in near real- time at scale from more than millions of  connected TVs where a consumer has expressly opted-in. When you ingest this volume of data at this velocity and variety, two things matter, receiving consistently clean data and having the ability to ingest hundreds of millions of data points and know how to rapidly process and store them on the fly. Inscape takes care of the first requirement and we take care of the second. Without this level of technical prowess you are relegated to using the same manual error prone csv file-based workflows that every brand, ad delivery network, and media agency utilizes today.”

“Media Analytics is the kind of innovator we look to partner with, said Jodie McAfee, Inscapes Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing .  With a 25-year history in direct-response TV reporting, it knows how to handle data professionally and the company is taking a smart approach to optimizing Inscape data to shepherd performance based ad-buying in new and interesting directions. As we continue to grow our panel size and significantly expand our capabilities, we look forward to sharing in this success with Media Analytics.”

SMART Solutions are delivered to subscribers either through a dynamic custom user interface that provides a single-source dynamically-updated view of media performance, attribution, competitive analysis, audience consumption behavior as well as industry trends, or via a proprietary API. Reported measures include brand category breakdowns, household reach, audience size and demographics, TV Network concentration and diffusion, along with a variety of engagement metrics. Data can be segmented by linear, VOD, SVOD and OTT..

SMARTview and SMARTlink are available now. Clients interested in subscribing to the service should contact their Media Analytics account representative or reach out to Tel:610-200-6041 Website:

More About Media Analytics
Media Analytics is a market research and intelligence company that provides competitive and prescriptive analysis for the direct response and retail industries in the United States and Australia. Media Analytics has built an extensive line of products and services that turn information into insight, allowing our clients to maximize and optimize their business.

  • The IMS Report has been recognized as the direct response monitoring, tracking, and ranking resource for over 25 years.
  • The Retail Report is the must-have tool to thrive in traditional retail markets, providing insight on the rising product stars and analysis of your competitors at retail.
  • The Category Report puts relevant statistics into perspective, allowing you to drill down in greater detail to the categories that matter in your business.

Media Analytics provides strategic and competitive intelligence, helping our clients navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. Transforming big data into insights empowers our clients to make more informed decisions as they grow their business.

More About Inscape
Inscape is a TV intelligence company that captures highly accurate, up-to-date viewing data from millions of smart TVs.  The company is a leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies and comprehensive cross-screen metrics. Inscape’s TV audience viewing data is leveraged by OEMs, brands, agencies, networks, measurement companies, DMPs and marketing technology platforms to power massive transformations in the industry. Its glass-level insights bring a new level of speed, transparency and actionability to the global TV market place. Founded in 2010 as TV Interactive Systems, Inc. and later acquired by VIZIO, Inscape operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary based in San Francisco, California.