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Lo + Celebrates One Year Showcasing the Latest Trends in Luxury

West Palm Beach, FL – May 1, 2017 – Lo +, Olympusat Entertainment’s inspirational and informative TV news segment, celebrates its first year on the air covering in a fresh and cutting-edge format the latest trends and news in the luxury industry.

Sponsored by VEMOX™, Olympusat’s OTT TV Everywhere solution, Lo + synthesizes and provides an entertaining summary of the latest and most relevant topics in the fashion, architecture, art, travel, luxury and automotive industries. This informative TV segment focuses on motivational journalism offering the viewer the opportunity to appreciate the work of the international creators. Produced under a 2 to 4 minute format, Lo + airs exclusively within the commercial breaks of some of Olympusat’s most popular Spanish-language TV channels. 

For those interested in staying up-to-date with Lo +’s coverage of luxury related news, Olympusat has also created Lo + Blog, a fun and easy-to-read online magazine designed to provide readers an insider’s view to each topic, featuring in-depth articles and videos presented in a unique and encouraging tone. The blog gives access to all written and audiovisual material created by the Lo + team through the domain:

“Lo + has enjoyed great success showcasing in an elegant and distinctive way the latest and most important trends in the world,” stated Jesus Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat. “The TV segments and the blog offer our audience a better look into the luxury industry, as well as an opportunity to connect with us and express their opinions,” added Piñango.

The creative team for Lo + works tirelessly to bring its viewers the latest topics available through high-quality edited segments created to captivate and inspire the viewer; information that is also available through the Lo + Blog and YouTube.

Lo + is an Olympusat Entertainment production, an award-winning team equipped with the technology to provide their clients with a full-service production from the project’s conception to its completion. Lo +’s modern and informative segments are currently available on VEMOX™ and on variety of Olympusat’s networks, including Ultra Luna, Ultra Macho, Ultra Docu and Ultra Familia.

To learn more about Lo +, please visit