LiveScale Omnicast Cloud Platform to Make Its Global Debut at the 2018 NAB Show

In addition to its status as one of the first worldwide partners for Facebook’s Live 360 Video service, LiveScale Technologies has built a solid ecosystem of partnerships with industry-leading video solution providers. Several of these partners will showcase their integrated LiveScale solutions at the 2018 NAB Show.

“In this era of Facebook Live and YouTube, there’s huge and growing demand from all types of enterprises and individuals to create and live-stream their own video programs. But until now, reaching the broadest possible audience across all potential networks has been a complex, time-consuming, and costly operation,” said Virgile Ollivier, co-founder and CEO, LiveScale Technologies Inc. “With LiveScale, we’ve turned the live-streaming paradigm on its head by offering a multicloud approach that empowers anyone to deliver pristine live video, even in VR or 4K, to any audience on any platform, including broadcast partners, OTT services, and all popular social media outlets.”

LiveScale replaces complex and costly live-streaming workflows that require separate encoders for every content delivery outlet and individual metadata management tools for every social media platform. Instead, with LiveScale, the video only needs to be encoded once before it is streamed into the cloud platform, which automates all processing, scheduling, publishing, and streaming to broadcast, web, mobile, and social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. Unlike other streaming platforms that limit users to a single cloud vendor, LiveScale technology supports all leading cloud services, including those from Amazon, Microsoft®, and Google, giving users greater flexibility in terms of quality of service, reliability, and global network coverage.

In a process that takes no more than two minutes and at a price starting at only $29.99 per live streaming event, users from anywhere in the world can access an intuitive user interface on the LiveScale website to initiate an omnicast and create a dedicated video workflow. The LiveScale omnicast cloud platform automatically creates a version of the content optimized for each delivery outlet, with transcoding to ensure optimal video quality. LiveScale also provides scheduling tools that enable users to announce and promote the live event to their audiences, and robust analytics tools that provide meaningful data on audience behavior while the event is streaming.

At the 2018 NAB Show, key LiveScale strategic partners are showcasing the platform’s capabilities in conjunction with their own solutions. Partner demonstrations include:

  • Matrox Graphics Inc., Booth SL4524. Matrox and LiveScale will demonstrate an end-to-end AV-over-IP system for streaming up to four 4K signals in HEVC through SRT protocol, using the LiveScale omnicast cloud platform in conjunction with the industry-renowned Matrox Maevex 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoder.
  • Panasonic, Booth C3607. Panasonic and LiveScale will demonstrate a broadcast-grade, 360/VR end-to-end live-streaming workflow that leverages Panasonic’s 360 camera and Haivision’s KB Max encoder in conjunction with the LiveScale omnicast cloud platform.
  • AVIWEST, Booth C2139. AVIWEST will showcase its next generation of advanced 4K/HEVC cellular bonding encoding/transmission devices for electronic newsgathering and other field-based video acquisition applications, working with the LiveScale omnicast cloud platform for real-time broadcast on the web and social media.

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About LiveScale

With its unique cloud-native approach, LiveScale allows content creators to reach the broadest possible audiences with optimized video quality delivered on any outlet (broadcast, web, social media), and with improved ROI for live content distribution. In only two minutes, LiveScale users can create a dedicated, end-to-end live video workflow from content ingest to real-time analytics, and without requiring any specialized technologies or skills.

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Industry’s First Video Platform to Leverage Power of Multicloud Technology for Optimizing Live Video Streaming Opportunities

MONTREAL — April 4, 2018 — The 2018 NAB Show will see the worldwide launch of LiveScale, the industry’s first omnicast cloud platform designed for the live streaming revolution. The flagship product of LiveScale Technologies Inc., LiveScale leverages multiple cloud infrastructures to enable simultaneous live streaming from a single video source to any number of broadcast, web, mobile, and social media outlets — at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods and in a fraction of the time.