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'Lauren Lake's Paternity Court' Begins Third Season of Production in Atlanta

Los Angeles, May 28, 2015 – MGM’s Orion TV Productions (Orion Television) today announced the third season of production for LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT will begin in Atlanta on June 1.

“With the series receiving ratings highs this season, I’m ecstatic to be returning to Atlanta for our third season to help people resolve their legal paternity issues,” said presiding judge and host Lauren Lake.  “I am proud to be able to do such powerful work, bringing families together and helping give closure to emotional issues.  The people of Atlanta have been so welcoming to us, and I’m looking forward to once again being an active member of the community while in town for production.”

LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT is enjoying remarkable growth in its second season.  Its national season-to-date performance (1.22) is outpacing year-ago performance with homes and Women 25-54 by +22% and +10%, respectively.

In the recently completed May 2015 Sweeps, the show was a valuable weapon for metered market stations looking to improve time period performance -- delivering +21% growth with the key Women 25-54 demo when the show took over new time periods.

•   In Los Angeles: +76% year- to-year growth among Homes.

•   In Chicago: Up +186% among Homes and up 38% with W25-54.

•   In Washington D.C.: Up +26% among Homes, +46% with W18-49 and +15% with W25-54.

•   In Atlanta: Paternity Court doubled its year-ago time period rating with Women 25-54 and improved with Adults 25-54 by 83%.

•   In Seattle: Triple and quadruple-digit increases from the year-ago time period rating among Homes (+289%), W18-49 (1,250%), A18-49 (+600%), W25-54 (+2,350%), and A25-54 (+500%).

•   In Denver: Up +78% among Homes.

LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT is a nationally syndicated 30-minute court show presided over by the sharp-witted and opinionated Lake, who helps real people with real stories resolve legal paternity issues by rendering incisive judgments using DNA evidence. The show offers litigants the chance to resolve their differences and make it through the emotionally charged moment of discovery, while offering heartfelt advice and counseling to help them integrate the outcome into their lives. Whether she’s providing legal or personal insight or just telling it like it is, Lake inspires audiences to meet life’s challenges head on and be educated and empowered in every situation. "Lauren Lake's Paternity Court" premiered in more than 92% of the country in September 2013, and currently airs five days a week in all top 50 markets and on station groups including Tribune, CBS, Sinclair, Weigel, Hearst, Fox, Scripps, and others, encompassing more than 140 stations nationwide. The show is produced by 79th & York Entertainment and distributed by Orion TV Productions (Orion Television), a subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.  David Armour serves as executive producer.

For more information, please visit the official LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT FACEBOOK PAGE, and follow the show on Twitter, @PaternityCourt, using the hashtag #PaternityCourt, as well as on Instagram, @PaternityCourtTV.

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