Las Vegas, Nev., and Orlando, Fla. - NAB 2017: Spincast Reaches Accord to Air Content with First Local TV Broadcast Station

Spincast TV is excited to announce it has informally secured the first local broadcast station to join the Spincast Network. Formal agreements are still in the works for the unnamed station however the station produced programming content will air through the Spincast Network, giving their popular locally produced shows a global audience. With this agreement, Spincast paves the way for local broadcasters worldwide who produce quality local news and information programming, to access a worldwide market normally beyond their reach.

Today’s traditional media entertainment market removes viewer choice to content, regardless of the source, even with the highly promoted “skinny bundle”.  The viewer has no alternative than to accept what is forced upon them by network programming executives. While Spincast does curate for broadcast quality, we do away with that traditional “greenlighting” decision. By airing all professionally produced content available from around the globe, Spincast places the ability to decide what to watch were it should be - in the viewer’s eyes. Content success will be determined only by the quality of the product and the desire of the masses to want it. And since our model is founded on providing programming of every genre thus appealing to every viewer, as opposed to a limited 24/7 lineup which is typical of traditional OTA and even new media OTT Broadcasters, the availability of thousands more programs reduces if not eliminates churn. The viewer stays within the Spincast Network.

Further increasing the need for Spincast, is the steady decline of viewers for local TV Stations, according to several studies. These local Stations not only provide newscasts, but produce their own programming that often must compete for timeslots as the affiliate of a national Network. For local low power broadcasters (LPTV), the data is worse. In the U.S., the recent (April/2017) move by the FCC to double the cap for Station group ownership effectively decreases their survival chances by allowing larger and financially more powerful broadcast groups to “buy the market”.  With digital video attracting high CPMs, consolidating the inventory within the Spincast Network would make it easier for advertisers to buy spots on Station produced newscasts and programming.

Mario L. Castellanos, CEO of Spincast, Inc. stated “The FCC’s move has forced us to speed-up what was already on our roadmap. We’ve always felt local markets are important to a global audience. Every market, every region, every country has its own culture and distinction. Now with Spincast, local broadcasters can show the rest of the world what their world is like.” He added, “And with our SPAADE technology, we can provide ads specific to what a viewer is interested in their market without the need to invade their privacy like subscription models do.”

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