Las Vegas, Nev., and Orlando, Fla. - NAB 2017: Spincast Enhances SPAADE™, Spincast's Programmatic Addressable Advertising Distribution Engine

Said Mario L Castellanos, CEO, “A key component of our Spincast TV Network is our ability to use non-invasive psychographic segmentation to deliver programmatic TV ads. We do this with our proprietary technology, SPAADE™.  The advertisers get a captive audience and the viewer sees just the right amount of ads that specifically appeal to their lifestyle, activities and interests. Everybody wins!”

Spincast’s “Addressable Advertising Delivery Technology Engine”, or SPAADE™, allows Spincast TV to deliver a unique set of actionable sponsored ads to any video platform, location, and viewer, in real-time based on that viewer’s unique affinity, daypart (dividing the broadcast day into several parts), geographic, or demographic attributes at the time the ad is to be viewed. Sponsors using SPAADE™ can deliver their video for traditional television commercial spots in real-time across Spincast’s entire inventory of on-demand  programming and live linear feed viewable in any venue, based on the viewer characteristics they choose. This is ideal for traditional sponsored television ad campaign objectives such as brand awareness, local awareness, and event promotion. In other words, two separate yet nearby individuals watching the same program could receive completely different advertising based on their specific likes.

SPAADE™ television ad campaigns can also include calls to action on mobile devices These are ideal for driving online sales, travel bookings, lead generation, website traffic, and app installs that are especially valuable to direct marketers as well.

SPAADE™ was originally created for Spincast’s internal needs. Its OTT device and player agonistic independent, server side, drop in, cloud based solution provides superior performance on any platform. As we began partnering with others in the industry, it became apparent SPAADE™ can provide solution the wider marketplace requires.

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